Pineapple The Project – Hurry Up To Love

Pineapple The Project - Hurry Up To Love"Hurry Up To Love" by "Pineapple The Project" is a remark­able song from their EP "White". The Swedish band presents a har­mo­ni­ous mix­ture of elec­tro pop and synth pop here. The song imme­di­ately draws the listen­er in and offers a son­ic exper­i­ence cre­ated by clev­erly placed elec­tron­ic sounds and syn­thes­iser effects.

The vocals in "Hurry Up To Love" are angel­ic and give the song a sooth­ing note with a touch of mel­an­choly. The lyr­ics reflect the ups and downs of love and take the listen­er on a jour­ney full of emo­tion. The naive mel­an­chol­ic mood of the song gives it a spe­cial atmo­sphere that is both sooth­ing and thought-provoking.

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