Red Cell – All That She Wants (Ace of Base Cover)

Red Cell - All That She Wants (Ace of Base Cover)In their latest release, "All That She Wants" (Ace of Base cov­er), Swedish elec­tro pop duo Red Cell present a fas­cin­at­ing rein­ter­pret­a­tion of a 90s clas­sic. As someone who didn't really warm to the com­mer­cial hype of Ace of Base, I was pleas­antly sur­prised by this cov­er ver­sion. Red Cell gives the song a refresh­ing elec­tron­ic twist that emphas­ises its dark charm and puts the ori­gin­al in the shade.

The elec­tron­ic rein­ter­pret­a­tion brings a renewed energy to the track that rein­forces the dark flair. The beats are infec­tious and catchy, while the synth pop ele­ments give the song a mod­ern, con­tem­por­ary atmosphere.

"All That She Wants" by Red Cell is an impress­ive cov­er ver­sion that pushes the bound­ar­ies of the genre and brings a breath of fresh air to the world of elec­tron­ic music. For fans of elec­tro pop and synth pop, this track is an abso­lute must and marks one of the most out­stand­ing cov­er ver­sions of 2023.

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