Rogue FX – People Are Strange (The Doors Cover)

Rogue FX - People Are Strange (The Doors Cover)When an artist rein­ter­prets an icon­ic track, it can lead to real magic. "Rogue FX" from the UK has taken on "People Are Strange", the clas­sic by the legendary "The Doors", and trans­formed it into an excit­ing synth-pop/new wave ver­sion. The res­ult is an ener­get­ic and at the same time dark rein­ter­pret­a­tion, infused with a touch of mystery.

The 80s new wave vibes give this cov­er a whole new dynam­ic that is per­fect for the dance floor. The driv­ing beat and cap­tiv­at­ing synth sounds draw you into a world that is at once famil­i­ar yet fresh. Rogue FX has man­aged to pre­serve the essence of the ori­gin­al while adding their own unique touch.

If you're look­ing for a rein­ter­pret­a­tion of a clas­sic that will cap­tiv­ate you, Rogue FX's "People Are Strange" is an abso­lute must. And while you're at it, take a look at the "People Are Strange" ver­sion of "Ashbury Heights" – includ­ing the cap­tiv­at­ing music video.

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