Seadrake – The Fever (Feat. Dorian E)

Seadrake - The Fever (Feat. Dorian E)'The Fever (Feat. Dorian E)' is the new infec­tious song by the Swedish band 'Seadrake'. As vocal sup­port they got 'Dorian E' (Dear Strange and Loveblind) for this dark synth pop song. She infuses the song with the neces­sary mel­an­choly and profundity.

The sound is beau­ti­ful, rich and punchy and the gloomy lyr­i­cism leaves a last­ing impres­sion. In fact, the song sounds to me like a mix­ture between 'Dear Strange' and 'Wolfsheim'. Very elec­tron­ic, but son­ic­ally warm crack­ling like a campfire.

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