Spökpojken – Faith And Devotion

Spökpojken - #1This is the song 'Faith And Devotion' by the swedish band 'Spökpojken'. With this 'Depeche Mode' ref­er­ence the expect­a­tions rise up to the sky, before listen­ing to a single note. I per­son­ally think that a few used sounds are a bit too gen­er­ic, but over­all it's a well pro­duced synth pop track that is def­in­itely worth listening.

The B‑side "We're Gonna Dance" is also abso­lutely worth listen­ing to and has a bit more punch. Here, the use of the gui­tar makes the sound resemble 'New Order' a bit more. As you can see, there are big names as a com­par­is­on here! So listen to it in any case. I am curi­ous what we will hear from 'Spökpojken' in the future and how the sound will develop.

BTW: I find the idea of the "Gorillaz char­ac­ter design" in Goth style quite funny, but there is def­in­itely room for improve­ment in the artwork.

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Listen to 'Spökpojken – Faith And Devotion' on Bandcamp

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