Alphamay – Weak Philosophy

'Weak Philosophy' per­formed by 'Alphamay' is about all the dis­trac­tions and false believes spread­ing in an ever grow­ing digit­al world. Alienation and the search of one own`s truth are inspir­a­tion that leads those who are eas­ily fooled into false beliefs often trig­ger­ing a down­ward spir­al of mis­con­cep­tion and felt con­spir­acies. All this hap­pens while those real­iz­ing that hap­pi­ness is merely a state of con­scious decision stand by and watch in bewil­der­ment as more and more people seem to be sucked in this mael­strom of de-human­isa­tion. We will not remain unseen.

Taken from the album 'Twisted Lines'. Special thanks for their con­tri­bu­tion to this video go out to Hannah, Marcel and Tobi! This video has been pro­duced, dir­ec­ted and cut by Henning. Conception and Copyright: Alphamay.

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