Apoptygma Berzerk – Apollo (Live on your TV)

Official music video 'Apollo (Live on your TV)' per­formed by 'Apoptygma Berzerk' taken from the album 'Rocket Science'.


The sun is up
mis­sion begins
suits and hel­mets on
now we look like twins
are we going to suc­ceed, I wonder
then they shut the door
and engines start to roar.

Cameras rolling and we're ready to go!

Staring at a paper moon
Thinking to myself,
I wish we'd go home soon
inside the eagle's shell
we float in space
we know just what to do
wait­ing for our cue.

Cameras rolling and we're ready to go!

Live on your TV defy­ing gravity
There's a pale blue plan­et beneath us
We're live on your TV dic­tat­ing history
know­ing that they'll nev­er believe us.

Spread the news from east to west
greatest won­der of our time
we got it on film.

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