Black Nail Cabaret – Rhythm X

Official music video 'Rhythm X' per­formed by 'Black Nail Cabaret' taken from the album 'Pseudopop'.


I’ve been many things you wouldn’t want to be
You wouldn’t want to see
I want to teach myself
Push my boundaries

The dam­age is done
It can’t be unseen
It can’t be hid­den forever
It marks me unclean

I’m an object
I’m not a performer
The whole world per­forms for me
And I am the observer

I’d been a friend, I’d been a lover
I’d been the one, I’d been another
I’d been a shock, I’d been a cutter
I’d been mutin­ous , I’d been a destroyer

All dif­fer­ent books on a shelf
You gotta read them all
If you wanna get closer to me

I’ve been to many places
That we all have seen
It’s time to come clean
We all knew some trouble
Disorder and struggle

I’d been a friend, I’d been a lover
I’d been a foe, I’d been a mocker
I’d been a mess, I’d been a cutter
I’d been mutin­ous, I’d been a destroyer

I’m no one until I’m someone
We are all no one until we’re someone
It’s a side effect

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