Wiccid – Ash

Official music video 'Ash' per­formed by 'Wiccid' taken from the album 'By Design'.


Fallen ashes, rel­ics lost and frail

All fall down to the beat of the dying heart
The sick­en­ing sound of the din­ing oroborous
Jonesing for the fear

Don't say nev­er, watch the old world crumble
All the false idols whim­per loudly as they're going under
Embracing all but the dawn

Flame, rise Phoenix from the ashes, ashes
Pain, of rebirth it will pass, bring on the… (ash)

Weeping fig­ures, tell us not your tale

Fall apart to the beat of the numb­ing senses
Sickening stench of old the guard in the trenches
How did we end up here?

Broke down ter­ror, in the eyes so teary
All the false idols dream­ing rest­less always wak­ing weary
Refusing, not mov­ing on

No hope, no fear, so where do you go from sour?
Born in, to this, what you lost was nev­er quite ours
So filled with pride and sure of your lies acid­ic the smiles sharp bot­tom line knives
Your tried, your truth, to ashes before your eyes

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