Black Needle Noise – Gone

Official music video 'Gone' per­formed by 'Black Needle Noise'. Director and pro­duced by Dennis Overeem.


Touching, touched
All I've tried to hold on to
Raging storm, stir­ring tor­nadoes in my tea
Losing ourselves in the darkness

Touching, touched
All we tried to hold on to
A sigh from my lips, noth­ing could light this sin­ners heart
If only your arms made stronger wings
I gently touch your empty space
All that remains

Lead me trough the flames
I will fol­low, I will follow
Lead me trough the flames
I’ll fol­low, I'll follow

Lead me trough the flames
I'll fol­low, I follow
(slip­ping through my fingertips)
Lead me
I’ll fol­low, I'll follow

I'll fol­low
(Storm is com­ing, storm is coming)
I'll follow

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