Blutengel – Morningstar

Official music video 'Morningstar' per­formed by 'Blutengel' taken from the album 'UN:GOTT'.


You´re a pretty good girl
And you do what they want you to do
But you don´t believe in what they say

When you´re alone in your room
You light some candles and you start to pray
But you don´t pray to the god they pray to

Please – can you help me
Please – can you show me the way
Please – can you help me
When will the fallen angel rise?

God has nev­er helped you
God has nev­er listened to you
And you´re tired of waiting
And you´re tired of praying

Just fol­low the morn­ing star
He will guide you on your way to salvation
Just fol­low the morn­ing star
He will heal your broken soul

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