Carrellee – Heaven Or

Carrellee - Scale Of DreamsOfficial music video for the crispy synth pop song 'Heavan Or' per­formed by US artist 'Carrellee'. The song is taken from the album 'Scale Of Dreams'.

While the first single 'Morning Sun' from the album 'Scale Of Dreams' was still a shal­low bal­lad that needed a bit of a run-up (at least for me), the song 'Heaven Or' is more my thing. The song is not dir­ectly suit­able for the dance floor, but has nice dirty sounds and crisp beats. I like that!

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Lyrics of 'Carrellee – Heaven Or'

The angels jeer and laugh and roar
Saint Peter locks up all the doors

TV movies shop­ping gro­cer­ies working
What is this?
Heaven or hell

Find me where you left me last
Splintering into remnants

TV movies shop­ping gro­cer­ies working
What is this?
Heaven or hell

Carrellee about 'Heaven Or'

Heaven Or is a dark, synth-driv­en track with 80s and 90s nostalgia–spiritual decay mixed with cas­sette hiss. Written and per­formed by Carrellee, pro­duced with Brett Bullion (Low) in Minneapolis, and on my debut synth-pop record "Scale of Dreams".

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