Cold Cave – Glory

Music video 'Glory' per­formed by 'Cold Cave'. Video by Amy Lee.


Today's the day my life is going to change
I’ve got to get up off the floor
There's anoth­er world and its wait­ing for us
I’ve waited so long for so much more

Tonight's the first night of my new life
Say good­bye to every­one I've ever known
And we could spend the night together
I could be you and you could be me too

The sun sets so early in December
The moon is bright and my heart is black
Promise me you’ll always remember
Never to find our way back
I was rain and I wanted to be the ocean
Was a star and I wanted to be the sun
They want from us what they can­not touch
Love’s lost and found and glory bound
For so long
I’ve waited so long
For someone
Someone like you

There’s so much more
You’re so much more

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