Ghost Noise – Rising Sign

Ghost Noise - Rising Sign

Official music video ‘Rising Sign’ by ‘Ghost Noise’. Director: Jessica Nicole Collins.


Everyone says seasons must change
Give it some time and this hurt will pass away
The trees will grow, the leaves will fall
They’re telling me I’ll forget about you someday

But I know I could never ever forget about you

When our pulsing skin hits the metal blade
We watch as all our dreams pass by and start to fade
Well, maybe we need to change the scene
Just tell me that you’re ready and I’ll meet you at the station

Tonight— Just like a film we could leave it all behind
Tonight— I promise I’ll still hold your hand in the next life

Breathless love
Two beating hearts
Sleepless nights
Lie in the dark

My days drift away amidst bootleg films, drunk on the chaise lounge again
They harp on and on that it’s a vibrant city, but it hasn’t been the same without you
That bureau drawer where you kept your name and your face and your heart and your handgun became the dividing line between your rising sign and the friends I could never write back to
It sure as hell wasn’t in my hands when you drove that motorcycle down that cobblestone path and pulled over beside the library lamppost clutching your keys like a scapular
I always knew I would inevitably lose you to the call of those eastern winds
I just prayed between the jukebox and the ashtray that you’d exit in silence with nary a word nor a look