Handful Of Snowdrops – One Of Us

Official music video for 'One Of Us', taken from 'Handful Of Snowdrops' 4th stu­dio album 'NOIR'.


Don’t dare me,
Please, don’t try to wake me up
I’m obsolete
Jump off this train of thought

No thank yous
Or end­less tug of war
It’s my first day without you
And I won’t take one more

Sleeping through
Dreaming up a door
For this space I cleared for you
But can’t stretch anymore
If fail­ing ever thought me anything
God, It’s the actu­al size of things, …

That there’s room here for
One of us
But only for one of us
There’s only room here for
One of us
And only for one of us

Now, Is it cell divi­sion or fathering?
One does not own its life, the other’s only shed­ding skin,
If liv­ing through this thought me anything
It’s that you have to play to win, …
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