Human Lynx – A Thousand Drums

Human Lynx   A Thousand Drums

Official music video ‘A Thousand Drums’ performed by ‘Human Lynx‘.


one by one
where all gonna die
when the kingdom comes

from a distance
we hear the slow hard beating
of a thousand drums

it’s too late for the white flag
hide your daughters
and armor your sons

no use in begging for mercy
can’t run from the slaughter
so bring out the guns

change your way and be accepted
and receive the promise
to be protected

we shut the door and laughed
at the warnings of those lunatics
and the survival of the elected

we didn’t know that the life
we choose to live came with a prize
that would come to be collected

order in this chaos of a world?
fools with a wish for answers
kind hearts but misdirected

babbling on and on about
some old king or other
now supposedly resurrected