Null Device – Snake Eyes

Official music video 'Snake Eyes' per­formed by 'Null Device' taken from the album 'The Emerald Age'. Video dir­ec­ted by Jill Sheridan.

Listen to 'Null Device – Snake Eyes' on Bandcamp'

Lyrics of 'Null Device – Snake Eyes'

You con­jured a world
Of liars and doom
Pushed away reason
Til the end consumed
A vic­tory march
Dance over the truth
Though they cheer your name
I’ll see you soon

Just a few more hours
Til sun up at noon
Drops a darkened fate
At midnight’s bloom
The cold black snake eyes
Know the wager for you
Throw your final score
I’ll see you soon

The truth is unkind
But am not blind
I’ll see you soon

Skeletal hands
Reach for you
The untangled sins
Have been exhumed
You bur­ied the stakes
But couldn’t subdue
The judge rises up
I’ll see you soon

The sky falls down
A des­per­ate measure
Put it in your pocket
And think your so clever
No need for alarm
When it’s been your pleasure
It’s noth­ing to you
But a selfish endeavor

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