Solar Fake – Anything You Want

Official music video ‘Anything You Want’ by ‘Solar Fake‘ taken from the album ‘You Win. Who Cares?’.


I hear what you say, but I cannot pay attention today
I get what you mean, is it in your genes or are you just plain?

So you can talk and talk for hours
Without getting the response that you want
I never thought you could stray so far from what you believe is real

You’ve gone out to date, so desperate to mate with somebody straight
But why can’t you see that this is the key to your misery?

And you still keep along that path
Without getting anything that you want
You said you’ve tried but whatever you need is so far out of your reach
You fight a war you cannot win
Not even realised you hide from yourself
And I’m too tired to talk, you know
Oh why can’t I let you go?

You look kind of flat. Pathetic and mad… Or are you just sad?
You haven’t learnt how to fall, still awaiting your call?
Would you hear it at all?

Oh, you would bargain for some love
You don’t get any closer to your dreams
You never tried, but oh, you always cried
For what you believe is real
You fight a war you’ll never win
You’re not getting anything that you want
I’m far too tired to talk, you know
Still I can never let you go

Why you keep going on as planned
I will never quite understand

But I don’t give a shit about anything you’re doing
Hell, I quit! I’m done with it
Why can’t we just skip the nasty bits?
‘Cause you’ll never get anything you want