Solar Fake – Anything You Want

Official music video 'Anything You Want' by 'Solar Fake' taken from the album 'You Win. Who Cares?'.


I hear what you say, but I can­not pay atten­tion today
I get what you mean, is it in your genes or are you just plain?

So you can talk and talk for hours
Without get­ting the response that you want
I nev­er thought you could stray so far from what you believe is real

You’ve gone out to date, so des­per­ate to mate with some­body straight
But why can’t you see that this is the key to your misery?

And you still keep along that path
Without get­ting any­thing that you want
You said you’ve tried but whatever you need is so far out of your reach
You fight a war you can­not win
Not even real­ised you hide from yourself
And I’m too tired to talk, you know
Oh why can’t I let you go?

You look kind of flat. Pathetic and mad… Or are you just sad?
You haven’t learnt how to fall, still await­ing your call?
Would you hear it at all?

Oh, you would bar­gain for some love
You don’t get any closer to your dreams
You nev­er tried, but oh, you always cried
For what you believe is real
You fight a war you’ll nev­er win
You’re not get­ting any­thing that you want
I’m far too tired to talk, you know
Still I can nev­er let you go

Why you keep going on as planned
I will nev­er quite understand

But I don’t give a shit about any­thing you’re doing
Hell, I quit! I’m done with it
Why can’t we just skip the nasty bits?
‘Cause you’ll nev­er get any­thing you want

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