Ten After Dawn – Melody

Official music video 'Melody' by 'Ten After Dawn' taken from the EP 'Best Of Both Words'. Written and dir­ec­ted by Jussi Saarelma, Cinematography: Samppa Fjäder, Editing and post-pro­duc­tion: Jussi Saarelma, Makeup: Liisa Paakkanen, Girl: Milla Asikainen, Teemu's body double: Antti Ruokola. Melody music­al cred­its:, Music: Toni Viholainen/Teemu Salo, Lyrics: Teemu Salo, Arranged: Teemu Salo & Toni Viholainen, Recorded & Produced by Teemu Salo at DH studios.

Additional synth record­ing and pro­gram­ming by Toni Viholainen, Additional radio strings by Tommi Salomaa. Mixed by Daniel hag­ström at Finnvox Studios and Teemu Salo at DH Studios, Mastered at Chartmakers East by Henkka Niemistö.

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