Synapsyche – Silvertongue (Feat. Aesthetic Perfection)

Official music video ‘Silvertongue (Feat. Aesthetic Perfection)’ performed by ‘Synapsyche’. The song is taken from the same-titled EP ‘Silvertongue’.

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Lyrics of ‘Synapsyche – Silvertongue (Feat. Aesthetic Perfection)’

Make your voice put me to sleep
Rock me and sing this lullaby for me
I feel something growin’ inside
A consciousness drawing the line
Wake me up brand new
And tell me what to do

Show your worth
Don’t waste time waiting for awards
Use your tongue
It’s mightier than the sword

Don’t wanna be a hero
Don’t wanna be your king
But I won’t let it go
I’m not slave to anyone
Don’t need the wings and halo
Don’t need to prove a thing
Who needs a heart of gold
When I have my silver tongue?

Like Icarus I’ll fly to the sun
Even at the cost of crashing down
Speak to me and I’ll believe
I’ll go where no one has been
Higher and higher
I’m scared of nothing

Show your worth
You’re perfect, complete, one-off
Use your tongue
Become what you were born for

Use your tongue
It’s mightier than the sword