The Ghost Cabaret – The Ghost Ballet

The Ghost Cabaret - The Ghost Ballet (Cover artwork)'The Ghost Cabaret' deliv­ers an elec­tri­fy­ing exper­i­ence with their track 'The Ghost Ballet'. This synth pop/synthwave piece boasts a haunt­ingly cap­tiv­at­ing beat, paired with eth­er­e­al vocals that could eas­ily fit into the witch house genre.

From the first second, the song imme­di­ately draws the listen­er in with its infec­tious melody. The synth sounds are crisp and crys­tal clear, adding an extra lay­er of pol­ish to this already impress­ive pro­duc­tion. Comparable to acts such as Depeche Mode, Boy Harsher and Emilie Autumn, 'The Ghost Ballet' is a must-listen for fans of dark and mes­mer­iz­ing synth pop.

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