Synapsyche – Viva Insanity

Official music video ‘Viva Insanity’ performed by ‘Synapsyche‘ taken from the album ‘In Praise Of Folly’. Directed and edited by Giuseppe Nex.


Call it madness, call it premonition
A clear-headed hysteria
It’s a riot, it’s a revolution
It’s a revelation

Call it cult or call it religion
An archetype of dilemma
‘Cause ours is a prayer for the comin’ of chaos
Are you ready?

Praise your end, cry for despair
Raise your hands up in the air

(End is coming)

If you really don’t care don’t feel sorry for me
If this is a madman then I’m a follower in praise of folly

Hey! Disciples, scream!
Hey! My devotees!
Shout it out loud ’til you bleed
Hail! Hail insanity!

Call me prophet, Call me messiah
A newborn Cassandra
It’s a pathway to illumination
It’s the new sensation

Call us sect or call us lunatics
A mass of weirdos ecstatic
‘Cause ours is a prayer for the comin’ of doomsday
We are ready

Viva! Viva insanity!

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