The Mystic Underground – Tempted By The Sound Of Violence

Official music video 'Tempted By The Sound Of Violence' per­formed by 'The Mystic Underground' taken from the EP 'Simple Minds, Simple Pleasures'. Directed/edited by William Murray.


cast away your dreams
and all those pre­cious schemes
is all that we held dear
tossed aside replaced by fear

stand­ing at the edge of the harbour
branded with the sins of my mother
will we ever learn
or simply let it burn
if it's answers you seek
let's jump into the sea

the bel­low­ing we hear
it sur­rounds us, draw­ing near
we often fantasize
how to find life's biggest prize
everyone's above it 'til they're put in their place
everyone's a killer 'til a gun's in their face
temp­ted by the sound of viol­ence, let me drown
stay humble, shut your mouth
you must not make a sound

stumble to a sprint, see them floating
kinder, gentler souls have no place here
send them off to sleep
wave and fare them well
for the answers we seek
stare at the sea

(run­ning to the sea
the clearest, bluest sea
take all the things we learned
try to start again
temp­ted by the sound
the call to burn the ground
so restless…)

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