The Mystic Underground – The Fixer

Official music video ‘The Fixer’ performed by ‘The Mystic Underground‘ taken from the album ‘Wrapped In Riddles‘. Directed by William Murray.


love, lust
run in place
a simple decision
pick up the pace
fix up, look sharp

when people get desperate, the knives come out
the fixer is lurking and skulking about
deep breath and a sigh, pretend you’re the star
the fixer is coming, will she know who you are

fight, flight
you’ve blown it again
such blind indecision
a wretched disgrace
afraid you’ve become a simple accessory
just one simple kiss, a sliver of bliss
look up, don’t stop
a perfect time to let go


love, hate
what difference is made
such wasted potential
all in your hands