Velatine – All I Want

Velatine - I Won't Be Civilised (Album artwork)Official music video 'All I Want' per­formed by 'Velatine' taken from the album "I Won't Be Civilised". The begin­ning of the song imme­di­ately reminds me of the epic crime clas­sic song 'Jeanny' by 'Falco' . Well, who still knows this song from the 80s? The com­bin­a­tion of piano and the slow beat unite men­ace and mys­ti­cism. The song already has atmosphere.

After that, how­ever, it goes in a com­pletely dif­fer­ent dir­ec­tion, even if the breaks are always lurk­ing around the corner. The song is already very well stuffed with synth sounds, but it is not synth pop. It def­in­itely goes in the dir­ec­tion of dark wave / elec­tron­ic goth­ic in my opin­ion. A song you should listen to if you adore gloomy elec­tron­ic music.

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Lyrics of 'Velatine – All I Want'

All I want
Is a chair to sit in
A cigar­ette, I give in
A room that looks out
Over the sea
Away from the hustle
Just a room for me
Suck in blue air
It might seem I don’t care
Escape from the city
And sit in this chair
That’s all I want
All I want
is anoth­er cigarette
I know I told you – I quit
Read a book
Or lie that you have
Of course you can daydream
We’re good like that
Escape the confines
Of mater­i­al wealth
Walk under the stars
Drink to good health
That’s all I want

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