White Mansion – Cancel The Sky

Official music video for the dark wave song 'Cancel The Sky' per­formed by 'White Mansion'.


I found you crying,
you eyes sul­len and opaque,
In a dim lit room, sur­roun­ded by expens­ive shapes.
A night to remem­ber you'd like to forget,
Just like the river sei­gn my veins flow­ing with regret,

A world without sun, Cancel the sky

you said you'd die for me,
why wont you live for me,

Dark hori­zon, like shiny diamonds,
that slash the picture,
with broken mirrors

I – Bide – My – Time – With – You – Tonight

You said you'd die for me,
A world without sun so can­cel the sky

Why wont you live for me,
A world with out sun so can­cel the sky

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