Ashbury Heights – Take Cair Paramour


An impressive Synth Pop duo

A very good album done by ‘Ashbury Heights’. Somehow I miss such dreamy pop melodies like their hit ‘Spiders’. Only the song ‘Beautiful Scum’ is almost at that level.

But the whole CD is beautiful and imposing to listen. They are no big mistakes on that album. Every track is somehow in the upper mid-range of rating.

A sea of blossoms

‘Take Cair Paramour’ sound like an easy summer where bees fly over a sea of blossoms. The best tracks to prove this are ‘Scars Of A Lighthouse’, ‘Hope’ or ‘Unbearable Beauty’.

I also strongly recommend you to listen to the catchy tunes of ‘Anti Ordinary’ and ‘Invisible Man’.

This is a grand Synth Pop album. I already got my copy, and you should get yours now.

Track By Track Rating

ashbury heights take cair paramour
Ashbury Heights - Take Cair Paramour
Anti Ordinary
Beautiful Scum
Scars Of A Lighthouse
I Can Kill You So Easily
Shades Of Black
The Ashes In Her Breath
Night Creature
Dancer's Nocturne
Kingdom Confession
Unbearable Beauty
Invisible Man
Beautiful Scum
(Nothing to report here)