Ashbury Heights – Take Cair Paramour


An impressive Synth Pop duo

A very good album done by 'Ashbury Heights'. Somehow I miss such dreamy pop melod­ies like their hit 'Spiders'. Only the song 'Beautiful Scum' is almost at that level.

But the whole CD is beau­ti­ful and impos­ing to listen. They are no big mis­takes on that album. Every track is some­how in the upper mid-range of rating.

A sea of blossoms

'Take Cair Paramour' sound like an easy sum­mer where bees fly over a sea of blos­soms. The best tracks to prove this are 'Scars Of A Lighthouse', 'Hope' or 'Unbearable Beauty'.

I also strongly recom­mend you to listen to the catchy tunes of 'Anti Ordinary' and 'Invisible Man'.

This is a grand Synth Pop album. I already got my copy, and you should get yours now.

Track By Track Rating

ashbury heights take cair paramour
Ashbury Heights – Take Cair Paramour
Anti Ordinary
Beautiful Scum
Scars Of A Lighthouse
I Can Kill You So Easily
Shades Of Black
The Ashes In Her Breath
Night Creature
Dancer's Nocturne
Kingdom Confession
Unbearable Beauty
Invisible Man
Beautiful Scum
(Nothing to report here)