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Everything done right

I’m absolutely impressed and convinced by the latest output of ‘Assemblage 23‘. The album ‘Endure’ has everything that an almost perfect Futurepop album need. It’s catchy, sounds contemporary, is super danceable, and everything is covered in a dark veil. At the same time the sound has the typical “Ibiza Gothic*” style. I really love this kind of combination.

*Ibiza Gothic – This is a genre invention by Vera (Electrozombies copywriter). This is a description of a special music style, when the musical mood converse behaves to the lyrical content. A good example is Apoptygma Berzerk‘s ‘Suffer In Silence’. Here you have a danceable beat that easiliy can be played in an Ibiza club, but the lyrical content speaks a different and almost melancholy language.

An album full of dark dance hits

This album is consistently just great! The only weak point that I want to check off herewith directly is the instrumental intro track. Done, back to the positive! The 3rd song ‘Bravery’ was the first song that keep in my mind. It has a familiar beat, but can’t really point at what’s equal to it. But the direction that ‘Endure’ presents at that point is promising.

And as I thought that song was already great, I was kicked by the next song ‘Salt The Earth’. This track starts with a high energy loaded intro and has a great up-tempo beat. Somehow it reminds me like dancing in the disco to a classic ‘Beborn Beton song in the 90s. You definitely need to check out this song!

Further the last song ‘December’ get the highest possible rating as well. It’s an awesome track like the most on the album, but especially here I love the chorus of this song. It’s so melancholic and beautiful at the same time.

A summary embedded in flowers

On the first pass I liked the album already. After 2-3 times of listening, my favorites have already been crystallized. Here are all the songs, except the already discussed instrumental intro, absolute grenades. After I slept for a night and listen to again, I am overcome by the feeling that this album closes the famous ‘missing link’ I’m waiting for.

For me a definite must-have of the deluxe version that will be available with 9 additional songs. Among will be b-sides and remix versions of well-known artists like NeuroticfishSolitary Experiments, Mr. Kitty, and more.

As final words I strongly recommend ‘Endure’ if you’re into Futurepop. This album is an enhancement since the 4-year old precursor ‘Bruise‘ that already was an awesome album. If you liked the precursor then this purchase is obligatory.

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Assemblage 23 Endure
Assemblage 23 - Endure
Salt The Earth
Call The Dawn
Butterfly Effect
Salt The Earth