Beyond Obsession – Moments Of Truth

Beyond Obsession   Moments Of Truth


Finally they have found their groove

The album ‘Moments Of Truth’ is already the third output from the german band ‘Beyond Obsession‘. I’m absolutely surprised at the extremely varied and imaginative play. I know I heard the predecessor, but must honestly confess that I can not really remember any of the songs. This will certainly not happen to me with the current available record ‘Moments Of Truth’. This is a catchy, modern ‘tribute to the 80s’ album!

When memories start to recall

Some tracks remind me immediately to some great bands of the genre. I guess that they are heavily inspired by this bands, but don’t understand me wrong, the songs of ‘Beyond Obsession’ have definitely their own spirit.

The album title is chosen perfectly due the title-given song ‘The Moment Of Truth’ that is the strongest one on this record. The song starts with a typical Depeche Mode‘-esque noise effect. When the chorus starts you have this wonderful, dreamy 80s sound and feeling. But overall this is a classic Synth Pop with many modern aspects.

The mid-tempo song ‘Not My Home’ has finest Erasure‘ inspired bonds that shines especially bright when the refrain begins. The superb song ‘Funeral’ has the quality and the emotions of the ‘Unversed In Love’ album (1995) of De/Vision. The song contains in a beautiful and elegant way the typical 90s piano Synth Pop sound. Furthermore, we have the song ‘My Quiet Moments’ that is strongly influenced by And One sounds. But even more, the good initial years. An already almost EBM moderate beat with high pitched melody. The last song ‘Night Driven’ could be easily be a Martin Gore ballad on an early ‘Depeche Mode’ album.

Definitely no copycat

But as I already said, all the songs have their own ‘Beyond Obsession’ spirit and sound gorgeous to me. From my point of view ‘Beyond Obsession’ have done everything right. If the follow this path, I’m pretty sure the big success and a true Synth Pop fan community will follow. If you feel reminded by something else too, when you listening to this absolutely recommended album, please write in the comment section.

Track By Track Rating

Beyond Obsession   Moments Of Truth
Beyond Obsession - Moments Of Truth
Louder Than Me
The Weight Your The Words
Not My Home
The Moment Of Truth
Cant Sleep
Ghost Pictures
Just Thought
Memories Fade
My Quiet Moments
Night Driven
The Moment Of Truth
(Nothing to report here)

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