Endless Shame – Generation Blind

Generation Blind 03


An Intermezzo for the ears

‘Endless Shame’ has produced a decent Synth Pop / Futurepop album with particular Electrorock influences. On the album ‘Generation Blind’ I hear many good approaches, but overall it is poorly conceived. The main reason for me publishing this review is that I see a lot of potential in the band.

The voice from lead singer Matte Levin is warm and has a very nice melancholic undertone. I believe this album is far away from the level that they can reach.

The Reaper‘ and ‘Erase The Beautiful’ I consider outstanding songs on this record. I’m missing a little more dynamics and variety in the songs. But is definitely worth a listen if you’re open-minded.

Track By Track Rating

Generation Blind 03
Endless Shame - Generation Blind
Broken Dolls
As If There Is Angels
Erase The Beautiful
Trial Of Fire
Sister Of Mercy
The Reaper
Love Letter To Anxiety
The Reaper (Enigmatic Version)
The Reaper
Erase The Beautiful
(Nothings to report here)