Essence Of Mind – The Break Up


Electrorock as usual

Similar to the previous album ‘Indifference‘, even ‘The Break Up’ is highly recommended to every Electrorock fan. Overall very powerful with a few exceptions. The songs ‘Escape‘ and ‘Wrong‘ are really strong songs.

I know it could be really difficult to have a full album on this high level. And at least it’s the personal music flavour that counts, but I really expected more from the ‘Indifference’ successor.

Choose your remixer wisely

The four remix version from ‘Escape’, ‘Wrong’, ‘Hate’, and ‘The Other Side’ are quite different at the end of the album. While the remix version of ‘Escape’ is much more worse than the original, the remix version of ‘The Other Side’ manages to convince me completely. Also ‘Technomancer did a great job on remixing the song ‘Wrong’.

Save money at the wrong end

There is one big negative thing that don’t belong to the rating itself. I’ve never seen such a cheap plastic package for a CD. Why not using a simple jewel case instead? Just to save some production money? I’m really disappointed. Shame on you Alfa Matrix!

Track By Track Rating

essence of mind the break up
Essence Of Mind - The Break Up
No Place To Hide
Can't Take It
Disturbing Situations
The Other Side
The Sequence
Tear Apart
Escape (Club Remix)
Wrong (Technomancer Remix)
Hate (Xenturion Prime Remix)
The Other Side (Vigilante Remix)
(Nothing to report here, except the super cheap cd package)