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Musical rebels

Hadouken's music style is hard to describe. They them­selves say, that they are an Indietronic / New Rave band, but music­ally ele­ments such as Hip Hop, Dubstep, Electropunk and Electrorock can be found in their tracks as well.

The strongest album so far

The per­form­ance curve is at 'Hadouken!' per­man­ently increas­ing. Technically and cre­at­ively to abso­lute height presents the third album 'Every Weekend'. Lyrically the texts much more soph­ist­ic­ated and far are not as 'repet­it­ive' as in their debut album 'Music For An Accelerated Culture'.

A long journey with the passion to an almost perfect album

Already in 2011 they released the super awe­some song 'Oxygen'. But till the release of the offi­cial album, a lot time have to pass.

Outstanding is the song 'Bad Signal'. This track is breath­tak­ing power­ful and cre­at­ively impress­ive, because they per­fectly inject parts of Kim Wilde's clas­sic song 'You Keep Me Hangin' On' into this track. Sonically it's melted togeth­er like it would be made of one piece.

'Levitate' is an excel­lent song and for the most well-kown from the YouTube series 'People Are Awesome'. But I also strongly recom­mend you the single 'Parasite' as well. Hereby 'Hadouken!' inter­prets their own dynam­ic­ally style of Dubstep and Breakbeat.

Don't miss to check out this new gen­er­a­tion of power­ful elec­tron­ic music!

By the way, this album also made it into our art­icle ‘The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2013‘. Read now.

Track By Track Rating

hadouken every weekend
Hadouken! – Every Weekend
The Vortex
Bliss Out
As One
Bad Signal
Stop Time
Spill Your Guts
The Comedown
Daylight (Drummsound & Bassline Smith ft. Hadouken!)
Mecha Love
Bad Signal
(Nothing to report here)

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