Hadouken! – Every Weekend

hadouken   every weekend


Musical rebels

Hadouken‘s music style is hard to describe. They themselves say, that they are an Indietronic / New Rave band, but musically elements such as Hip Hop, Dubstep, Electropunk and Electrorock can be found in their tracks as well.

The strongest album so far

The performance curve is at ‘Hadouken!’ permanently increasing. Technically and creatively to absolute height presents the third album ‘Every Weekend’. Lyrically the texts much more sophisticated and far are not as ‘repetitive’ as in their debut album ‘Music For An Accelerated Culture’.

A long journey with the passion to an almost perfect album

Already in 2011 they released the super awesome song ‘Oxygen‘. But till the release of the official album, a lot time have to pass.

Outstanding is the song ‘Bad Signal‘. This track is breathtaking powerful and creatively impressive, because they perfectly inject parts of Kim Wilde‘s classic song ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’ into this track. Sonically it’s melted together like it would be made of one piece.

‘Levitate’ is an excellent song and for the most well-kown from the YouTube series ‘People Are Awesome‘. But I also strongly recommend you the single ‘Parasite‘ as well. Hereby ‘Hadouken!’ interprets their own dynamically style of Dubstep and Breakbeat.

Don’t miss to check out this new generation of powerful electronic music!

Track By Track Rating

hadouken   every weekend
Hadouken! - Every Weekend
The Vortex
Bliss Out
As One
Bad Signal
Stop Time
Spill Your Guts
The Comedown
Daylight (Drummsound & Bassline Smith ft. Hadouken!)
Mecha Love
Bad Signal
(Nothing to report here)