Junksista – Promiscuous Tendencies

Junksista - Promiscuous Tendencies

Junksista - Promiscuous TendenciesAlbum Facts

Release: February 9th, 2018
Label: Alfa Matrix
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Hooked from the beginning

Promiscuous Tendencies, the third studio album by the German duo Junksista, which is comprised of Diana S. and Boog. This is my first time really digging into this band, and I have to admit, I’m hooked. This album has everything, catchy beats, sing along choruses, and an anthem feel to most of the songs that keep them stuck in your head for days. Promiscuous Tendencies is big, bold, and unforgettable.

The album begins strong with ‘Monday.’ The perfect song to start off both a kick ass album and a long work week. It has driving synthesizer beats, a sing along chorus, and cathartic lyrics that you need to shout right before you drink your first coffee. Say it with me:

Oh Monday, everybody hates you, fucking Monday
Lyric line in ‘Monday’ by Junksista

Dance and grit

‘Control’ hits your ears next with another moving dance beat. Some of the lyrics really resonate with me, “be on top of the situation, deal with life successfully, weakness leads to frustration, chaos is the enemy” (lyric line from ‘Control’ by Junksista).  It’s a motivational follow up to the rousing opener, getting you prepared for what is to come.

The tempo slows down with ‘Fuck for Love,’ which has a crawling feeling to it. Halfway through, the guitar kicks in making it feel darker and grittier, and giving it an Electrorock feel.

Next up is ‘Monster’ The driving dance beats are back with Daft Punk-esque synthesizers and provocative lyrics. LayZee (Mr. President) lends his voice to the song as the eponymous monster, giving the song some extra groove.

Similarly, ‘Away with the Fairies’ keeps the dance party going, another beat that is impossible not to move to, guitar interwoven with synthesizer, and more of Diana’s unique, sultry vocal stylings.

Darkness creeps in

Junksista promo picture 2018
Junksista (Promo picture 2018)

‘Love Makes People Stupid’ has a darker vibe, a club song that sticks with you. It has a dynamic pace and shows off a little more of Diana’s vocal range than you normally hear in Junksista songs.

This transitions well into ‘Freak at Heart’ which is a melancholy song talking about the problems of hiding your freak heart from the world and embracing your inner weirdness. The vocals are beautifully intertwined, you’ll dance out your sadness.

Ice and fire

The next song on the album is a bit of a departure from the rest of the album. ‘Ice Cream’ is a piece dripping with double entendre and euphemisms. It’s just a fun catchy tune.

‘Burn Your Fucking House Down’ is probably my favorite on the record. It’s creepy, dark, and has a crawling, seductive tempo reminiscent of dark 80s style synths. The lyrics are both empowering and psychotic.

You fucked around with the good girl, now you’ve got the bitch
Lyric line in ‘Burn Your Fucking House Down’ by Junksista

The dark atmosphere turns around with the next track, ‘Bitch This is My Party’. It is an up-tempo dance song that should really be on any host’s playlist for the perfect party. You’ll find yourself moving to it even if you’re alone, trust me.

Anthems and atmosphere that keep you coming back

Rounding out the album is ‘Celebration Fornication’ and ‘Silence.’ The former is a rousing anthem for all the perverts out there. It’s in the same vein as the other songs on the album, and has all the hallmarks of a Junksista tune.

‘Celebration Fornication’ is provocative with driving synth beats. This is meant to be played on a sweaty club dance floor.

‘Silence’ is an ethereal song. It’s dark and mellow with overlaying vocals. It is the perfect track to end the album on, it leaves you wanting more.


Promiscuous Tendencies is a fun album. It has everything you want in dirty Synth Pop, songs to dance to with provocative lyrics, boisterous synthesizers, and a dark aura that’s ready to come and take you away to a world inhabited by partying fairies and monsters.

Track By Track Rating

Junksista - Promiscuous Tendencies
Junksista - Promiscuous Tendencies
Fuck For Love
Away With The Fairies
Love Makes People Stupid
Freak At Heart
Ice Cream
Burn Your Fucking House Down
Bitch This Is My Party
Celebration Fornication
Burn Your Fucking House Down
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