Kanga – You And I Will Never Die

Darker than Dark Pop

Kanga - You And I Will Never Die

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Release Date: March 26th, 2021
Label: Artoffact Records
Genre: , , ,
Discogs: Kanga – You And I Will Never Die
Partially sounds like: Ladytron, Peaches, Amelia Arsenic, Too Dead To Die
Final score: 3.71 stars
Matching album cliches: 1 / 7

I have to admit that 'Kanga' was not on my radar for a long time. Last sum­mer, I got the promo of the EP 'Eternal Daughter'. After listen­ing to it for the first time, I really liked it. However, I soon found out that the EP had already been on the mar­ket for almost a year. Who cares about yesterday's news? Since we always need promos at least 4 weeks before release, there was no art­icle here. Fortunately, the album 'You And I Will Never Die' has been here for a while and I had enough time to listen to it. A little spoil­er in advance! Kanga picks up seam­lessly where 'Ladytron' left off with 'Velocifero'. That should ensure enough atten­tion. And now it's time for the review of the songs from the album 'You And I Will Never Die'.

Dark and diversified

After a rather long, unin­ter­est­ing intro (Preface) fol­lows the open­er 'Home'. It bursts upon us with loud thun­der and an almost Electro Punk-like basic beat. 'The Prodigy' sends its regards. I imme­di­ately start nod­ding my head along with the beat. The sound is filthy and diver­si­fied. The soft vocals and the har­mon­ic melody give the song an excit­ing con­trast in the chor­us. In the bridge, the driv­ing beat really kicks in again and you get the feel­ing that the song is pick­ing up speed. Until the end, new sound ele­ments are added again and again and this keeps the ten­sion up until the end. A really strong performance!

Mea culpa. The first single and music video 'Godless' unfor­tu­nately com­pletely passed me by. And this Single is a real Electro Pop gren­ade. Full of energy and super cool elec­tro sounds. As an athe­ist, this song appeals to me espe­cially on a lyr­ic­al level. Religion is always a very brave top­ic for a song. Here you split camps and there is no object­ive opin­ion. But Kanga has described the basic con­sensus extremely well. Everyone should believe what they want to believe. It is gen­er­ally wrong to force one's faith on oth­er people. That puts me on the same wavelength as Kanga.

You can pray to your God,
But that don't work on me
Lyrics from ‘Godless’ by Kanga

KANGA - Press photo 2021 (by Michael Mendoza)
KANGA – Press photo 2021 (by Michael Mendoza)

The track 'Touch' starts with a power­ful, simplist­ic sequen­cer loop. When the beat and the first vocals come in, you imme­di­ately think of 'Ladytron'. The play­ful, pop-like, light-sound­ing melody is the ideal coun­ter­weight to the gloomy, impuls­ive loop. The song 'Touch' is one of my favour­ite songs on this album. It builds up a lot of vibrant energy and invites you to dance dream­ily. The subtly imple­men­ted break also builds in a lot of dynam­ics. A fant­ast­ic song!

Another black pearl and comparisons

My second favour­ite song on the album 'You And I Will Never Die' is the track 'Brother' which fol­lows imme­di­ately after. Here I am strongly reminded of the sounds and vocals of 'Amelia Arsenic'. Dark Electro Gothic prob­ably describes the sound best. Cool elec­tron­ics and thrill­ing sounds build up to a threat­en­ing and pitch black cloud of sound. Simply an ingeni­ous mixture!

The song 'Moscow' is the shal­low Synth Pop hit that every dark Synth Pop album needs. And the song is not exactly a joy­ful out­cry, but a bright light to the oth­er­wise bleak side of the album. The chor­us is super catchy and imme­di­ately drew me in. I can under­stand the choice of releas­ing the song as the second Single for mar­ket­ing reas­ons, but I would have rather chosen 'Touch' or 'Brother'.

Arriving at track sev­en, you get the feel­ing of relax­a­tion and think: "Ah, finally a quiet bal­lad". But you think wrong, because the track gradu­ally builds up more and more and the song 'Violence' turns out to be a sol­id mid-tempo Synth Pop song. The man­tra-like bridge accom­pan­ies a bit of the vocal 'Siouxsie And The Banshees' mad­ness. Yes I must admit, this mix­ture sounds really wild, but it all fits togeth­er won­der­fully harmoniously.

The usual groove kicks in

'Ritual City' is anoth­er sol­id Synth Pop song with a crisp beat and a catchy melody. The song con­tains less sur­prises than the pre­vi­ous songs, but is a first class track that keeps you mov­ing. I would also clas­si­fy this track more in the dir­ec­tion of Dark Pop, whereby the genre bound­ar­ies are always in motion here.

Focus on the beat of my body
Lyrics from ‘Ritual City’ by Kanga

The first sounds of 'Say Goodbye' give off an 80s nos­tal­gia feel­ing, but the bass­line sounds beau­ti­fully rich and up-to-date. When the gui­tars start at 0:32 minutes, I sud­denly have 'The Cure' in my head as a ref­er­ence. The chor­us, how­ever, couldn't be closer to the 80s New Romantic move­ment. Or at least the early 80s Electro Pop sound. Both are a good com­par­is­on if you can relate to this music. Either way, we get anoth­er great mix here, which once again adds vari­ety to 'You And I Will Never Die'.

Of course, 'Waiting' begins with a tick­ing sound remin­is­cent of a grand­fath­er clock. Perhaps this is some­thing I should add to the newly intro­duced cliché list? Overall, the song is a won­der­ful, quieter song that should slowly bring the album to a close before the final track 'Untie'. In-between sequen­cer loops make the sound excit­ing and thrill­ing. In the bridge, a lot of elec­tron­ic energy builds up in the oth­er­wise very flat sound of the song.

This album will never die

I'm really sur­prised by this awe­some record. I didn't really expect any­thing and have found a beau­ti­ful black son­ic­al pearl. So, if you're into dark Synth Pop music with female vocals and like 'Ladytron', then 'You And I Will Never Die' by 'Kanga' is a must-have album.

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Kanga - You And I Will Never Die
Kanga – You And I Will Never Die
Ritual City
Say Goodbye

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