Kanga – You And I Will Never Die

Darker than Dark Pop

Kanga - You And I Will Never Die

Album facts

Release Date: March 26th, 2021
Label: Artoffact Records
Genre: , , ,
Discogs: Kanga – You And I Will Never Die
Partially sounds like: Ladytron, Peaches, Amelia Arsenic, Too Dead To Die
Final score: 3.71 stars
Matching album cliches: 1 / 7

I have to admit that ‘Kanga’ was not on my radar for a long time. Last summer, I got the promo of the EP ‘Eternal Daughter’. After listening to it for the first time, I really liked it. However, I soon found out that the EP had already been on the market for almost a year. Who cares about yesterday’s news? Since we always need promos at least 4 weeks before release, there was no article here. Fortunately, the album ‘You And I Will Never Die’ has been here for a while and I had enough time to listen to it. A little spoiler in advance! Kanga picks up seamlessly where ‘Ladytron‘ left off with ‘Velocifero’. That should ensure enough attention. And now it’s time for the review of the songs from the album ‘You And I Will Never Die’.

Dark and diversified

After a rather long, uninteresting intro (Preface) follows the opener ‘Home‘. It bursts upon us with loud thunder and an almost Electro Punk-like basic beat. ‘The Prodigy‘ sends its regards. I immediately start nodding my head along with the beat. The sound is filthy and diversified. The soft vocals and the harmonic melody give the song an exciting contrast in the chorus. In the bridge, the driving beat really kicks in again and you get the feeling that the song is picking up speed. Until the end, new sound elements are added again and again and this keeps the tension up until the end. A really strong performance!

Mea culpa. The first single and music video ‘Godless‘ unfortunately completely passed me by. And this Single is a real Electro Pop grenade. Full of energy and super cool electro sounds. As an atheist, this song appeals to me especially on a lyrical level. Religion is always a very brave topic for a song. Here you split camps and there is no objective opinion. But Kanga has described the basic consensus extremely well. Everyone should believe what they want to believe. It is generally wrong to force one’s faith on other people. That puts me on the same wavelength as Kanga.

You can pray to your God,
But that don’t work on me
Lyrics from ‘Godless’ by Kanga

KANGA - Press photo 2021 (by Michael Mendoza)
KANGA – Press photo 2021 (by Michael Mendoza)

The track ‘Touch’ starts with a powerful, simplistic sequencer loop. When the beat and the first vocals come in, you immediately think of ‘Ladytron‘. The playful, pop-like, light-sounding melody is the ideal counterweight to the gloomy, impulsive loop. The song ‘Touch’ is one of my favourite songs on this album. It builds up a lot of vibrant energy and invites you to dance dreamily. The subtly implemented break also builds in a lot of dynamics. A fantastic song!

Another black pearl and comparisons

My second favourite song on the album ‘You And I Will Never Die’ is the track ‘Brother’ which follows immediately after. Here I am strongly reminded of the sounds and vocals of ‘Amelia Arsenic‘. Dark Electro Gothic probably describes the sound best. Cool electronics and thrilling sounds build up to a threatening and pitch black cloud of sound. Simply an ingenious mixture!

The song ‘Moscow‘ is the shallow Synth Pop hit that every dark Synth Pop album needs. And the song is not exactly a joyful outcry, but a bright light to the otherwise bleak side of the album. The chorus is super catchy and immediately drew me in. I can understand the choice of releasing the song as the second Single for marketing reasons, but I would have rather chosen ‘Touch’ or ‘Brother’.

Arriving at track seven, you get the feeling of relaxation and think: “Ah, finally a quiet ballad”. But you think wrong, because the track gradually builds up more and more and the song ‘Violence’ turns out to be a solid mid-tempo Synth Pop song. The mantra-like bridge accompanies a bit of the vocal ‘Siouxsie And The Banshees‘ madness. Yes I must admit, this mixture sounds really wild, but it all fits together wonderfully harmoniously.

The usual groove kicks in

‘Ritual City’ is another solid Synth Pop song with a crisp beat and a catchy melody. The song contains less surprises than the previous songs, but is a first class track that keeps you moving. I would also classify this track more in the direction of Dark Pop, whereby the genre boundaries are always in motion here.

Focus on the beat of my body
Lyrics from ‘Ritual City’ by Kanga

The first sounds of ‘Say Goodbye’ give off an 80s nostalgia feeling, but the bassline sounds beautifully rich and up-to-date. When the guitars start at 0:32 minutes, I suddenly have ‘The Cure‘ in my head as a reference. The chorus, however, couldn’t be closer to the 80s New Romantic movement. Or at least the early 80s Electro Pop sound. Both are a good comparison if you can relate to this music. Either way, we get another great mix here, which once again adds variety to ‘You And I Will Never Die’.

Of course, ‘Waiting’ begins with a ticking sound reminiscent of a grandfather clock. Perhaps this is something I should add to the newly introduced cliché list? Overall, the song is a wonderful, quieter song that should slowly bring the album to a close before the final track ‘Untie’. In-between sequencer loops make the sound exciting and thrilling. In the bridge, a lot of electronic energy builds up in the otherwise very flat sound of the song.

This album will never die

I’m really surprised by this awesome record. I didn’t really expect anything and have found a beautiful black sonical pearl. So, if you’re into dark Synth Pop music with female vocals and like ‘Ladytron’, then ‘You And I Will Never Die’ by ‘Kanga’ is a must-have album.

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Kanga - You And I Will Never Die
Kanga – You And I Will Never Die
Ritual City
Say Goodbye

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