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Night Club - Die Die Lullaby

Album facts

Release Date: October 9th, 2020
Label: Self-release
Genre: , , ,
Discogs: Night Club – Die Die Lullaby
Partially sounds like: Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Nyxx, Type O Negative, Depeche Mode, Addams Family

Night Club’s 3rd record ‘Die Die Lullaby’ airs on October 9th, 2020 and turns out much dark­er but with wider spread influ­ences from Disco to Bollywood to Addams Family.

The first – and also my favour­ite track – ‘Die In The Disco’ doesn’t form­ally ful­fill the expect­a­tions the intro sug­gests. It’s dark disco in the best pos­sible Night Club fash­ion – totally dance­able yet full of homages to disco through­out the ages. There’s even a slightly indus­tri­al-noisy disco train and a pas­sage adapt­ing Lesley Gore’s ‘It's my party and I cry if I want to’.

It’s is my party and I die if I want to and I die if I want to
Lyrics from 'Die In The Disco' by 'Night Club'

Some of you might remem­ber this track from the movie ‘Mermaids’ star­ring Cher in her best of days.
In mat­ters of top­ic, the intro is com­pletely on point: Emily Kavanaugh breezes through the lyr­ics like a lost teen­age girl being over­whelmed by a need to get lost in the truest of senses and – of course – die in the disco. In times like these, I can quite intern­al­ize this approach.

Creepy songs from the playground

A flat beat leads you into the next track ‘Sad Boy’ where you are made to keep your dis­tance as soon as the lyr­ics set in. They sound as if taped from loud­speak­ers, giv­ing them a tinny air while the chor­us is almost play­ful and child­ishly sor­row­ful.
As the story evolves you real­ise that keep­ing a dis­tance is a good choice for the song is about an angry boy think­ing of his gun – going postal is near at hand. A mock­ing inter­lude breaks the song’s pity­ful­ness. It sounds like a play­ground song, pro­vok­ing the said boy:

Sad boy, sad boy, what you’re gonna do boy, sad boy, sad boy, we are watch­ing you, boy
Lyrics from 'Sad Boy' by 'Night Club'

Mark Brooks’ voice is made to sound soft and andro­gyn­ous, but the mock­ing sticks non­ethe­less and even closes the song in a round with Emily’s sweet but piti­ful singing, going over into the sound of a breath­ing machine like an iron lung. This leaves you with an eer­ie feel­ing, ready for the next creep­show moment.

Indian kitsch meets brutal reality

‘My Valentine’ really sur­prised me – I didn’t expect an indi­an sit­ar in a heavy disco envir­on­ment! I love this crossover-I-don’t‑care-about-the-rules-you’re-talking-about-attitude! Of course, you won’t hear any­thing about a love story with all the romance of a Bollywood movie. It’s all as dys­func­tion­al as it should be in a 'Night Club' song. Still, the dreamy sit­ar lulls you about the actu­al lyr­ics but soon gets thwarted by a dirty, heavy inter­rup­tion kick­ing you out of this romantic state of mind. There are not many ways to depict a sick rela­tion­ship as enter­tain­ing, accur­ate and in the same moment very new to your ears as it happened in this song.

Miss Negativity (Music video promo photo)
Miss Negativity (Music video promo photo)

I’m sure you’ve all already watched the music video ‘Miss Negativity’, so I’m not going to tell you any­thing new. It’s the bit­ter-sweet taste of depres­sion cast into the form of a track, infused with the ups and downs illus­trated by the vocal lines and topped with an 'Addams Family' touched sound like a black cherry loom­ing over it all. Don’t get me wrong – the song is good, but it’s cer­tainly not the best on the album, though eas­ily approach­able. What I like is the irony peek­ing around every corner, which one can over­look pretty fast. Then it sounds like the aver­age goth theme without any scroll. Probably this is why it’s not quite my cup of tea.

Gossip’ is some­thing new at the Night Club: a rel­at­ively light top­ic with a worm­ing and wind­ing song struc­ture that bores right into your head. And here we go again with a remin­is­cence of the 'Addams Family', this time dir­ectly out of the theme song: the flip­ping fin­gers are melted into a Britney Spears like pop sound with a crooked pipe slop­ing through the chor­us. I really enjoy this com­pos­i­tion, espe­cially the 2000-ish bridge with more spoken than sung vocals and a little side of gui­tar sounds. As always, 'Night Club' man­ages to swing the top­ic over to the dark side:

Eyes creep in your mind they stab like dag­gers twist­ing round and round you pre­tend you’re fine until they drag you six feet underground
Lyrics from 'Gossip' by 'Night Club'

The video for ‘Gossip’ is the second to go live and I’m really excited for it. I think, it’s a great choice to sup­port this out­stand­ing song visually!

First thing I thought when listen­ing to ‘Misery go round’ was ‘This sounds like the spir­it of Depeche Mode in the early 90ies’. Which is a seal of approv­al when it comes to me. It’s min­im­al­ist­ic, it’s some­what cool and lazy, it sounds like sex, it’s like a pan­ther in the night. Of course, dur­ing chor­us these asso­ci­ations give way to a thick disco car­pet with whip­ping sounds and crisp vocals. In the last third a quite dis­turb­ing ele­ment is estab­lished by an almost child­ish rhyme sup­por­ted by tooth decay­ing sweet back­ground-lalalalala. This throws in a whole dif­fer­ent momentum, which leaves you naus­eated and confused.

Connecting with the ‘Scary World’

Night Club (Promo photo)
Night Club (Promo photo)

The per­fect con­nec­tion fol­lows right on track with ‘The Creepshow’ – now you know why I used this term quite often. From now on the songs rep­res­ent a dir­ect link to the pri­or album ‘Scary World’ in mat­ters of top­ics as well as in song struc­tures. This track is one of the slower ones on the album and opens with a fra­gile, dis­tant inton­a­tion. The whole set­ting makes you feel like you’re sit­ting inside a music­al box, extra­dited to a power out­side of it. It makes you feel small and help­less but you’re wait­ing for the moment, when the lid pops open and the music is released and you are free again.

Tick Tock how long till my heart stops take me now I wanna go any­where the wind blows
Lyrics from 'The Creepshow' by 'Night Club'

This sort of hap­pens with the chor­us but it’s so much slower and heav­ier than you would have liked or expec­ted it. This keeps you tense and in the mood already estab­lished for you. You are in the creepshow.

If you take ‘Miss Negativity’, ‘Gossip’ and ‘Die In The Disco’ all togeth­er, ‘California Killed Me’ works like a con­clu­sion, a sum­mary, of the former in mat­ters of sub­ject and sound. The song has a fat whip­ping beat and really sucks you in. You can’t but nod along with it.

Here comes the sun like depres­sion I feel like cry­in […] cause I’m a vic­tim of this twis­ted phant­asy and I’m addicted to the dark­er side of me
Lyrics from 'California Killed Me' by 'Night Club'

Musically, it’s quite strong on the piano side which is a wel­come change in instru­ment­a­tion. It’s loosened up by eighties synth and haunt­ing soar­ing sounds. I really like the twinkle in the eye (is it?) and the fact that it kept on ear­worm­ing into my brain since first listen­ing to it. Also, it’s a quite unusu­al title for 'Night Club' for it is a more pop-like word­ing dipped into goth-makeup which caught my eye in an instant.

The clos­ing track ‘Civil War’ takes up the intro on a much deep­er and more mel­an­chol­ic level. Depression is the lead­ing theme here with all its weight and sever­ity. This time you see it from a dif­fer­ent angle: the lyr­ics don’t shoot in the dir­ec­tion of self des­troy­ing slow­ness, they reflect on the effect though in a self centered manner:

I don’t make a very good first impres­sion, the world is bored of my depres­sion, tell me are you bored of it, too?
Lyrics from 'Civil War' by 'Night Club'

I per­son­ally would have enjoyed a dif­fer­ent end to this album as it lets you out into the world again with a sense of blunt­ness and pettiness.

Lullaby or sneeking out for Disco?

Night Club’s third album is slower, dark­er and less ear­worm-heavy than the pre­de­cessors. In times like these when no one in their right mind can actu­ally go to a disco and dance the night away this might be a sens­ible choice.

I won the impres­sion that the lyr­ics lack a little depth I found in the last pieces much stronger. But the range of influ­ences ‘Night Club’ inter­weave here is really stun­ning. The child­hood rhymes they estab­lished through­out the whole album – which surely inspired the work's title –  leave you in a state between cozy and creepy. Still, they nev­er lose their style and no mat­ter what crazy thing they build in, it always sounds like them­selves. This is a great album that you def­in­itely should lay your hands on!

Some of you might have noticed that I’m usu­ally more on the heavy and riot­ous side of music so the slower tones of ‘Die Die Lullaby’ are not my every time go-to, but this doesn’t have to apply to you guys. So check out on Night Club’s new­est piece on 9th of October and form your own opin­ion on it – I’d love to hear it in the comments!

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Night Club - Die Die Lullaby
Night Club – Die Die Lullaby
Go To Sleep
Die In The Disco
Sad Boy
My Valentine
Miss Negativity
Misery Go Round
The Creepshow
California Killed Me
Civil War
Die In The Disco
My Valentine
California Killed Me
Go To Sleep
Civil War