Project Pitchfork – Look Up, I’m Down There

Project Pitchfork   Look Up Im Down There


Look up, again a new Pitchfork album

Project Pitchfork‘ has an enormous output, especially in the last years. I counted 18 full length studio albums in their long lasting 26 year career. This is almost a new album every 1 1/2 year, without counting the many side projects of Peter Spilles like as example ‘Santa Hates You’. It seems they are the true music workaholics in the scene. But the big million question should be: “Does the quantity have a negative impact on quality?”.

A personal Pitchfork retrospective

Personally I’ve to say that I really like and respect the band, but never was a big fan of Pitchfork. My first contact was the famous ‘Alpha Omega’ album. The self-titled song couldn’t be ignored on the dance floors in the 90s.

Then I lost contact, but they get me back with the awesome track ‘Steelrose‘ taken from the album ‘EON:EON’. I really love the album ‘EON:EON’ among with those classics like ‘Carnival’ or ‘I Live Your Dream’. The 2001 successor ‘Daimonion’ didn’t touch me that way and so I lost sight.

Since then I noticed incidentally almost every new Pitchfork album. I did always a quick through listening and find always some pearls on every record. Unfortunately I never get a sonically access to a whole album again.

True titans of EBM and Industrial

When I saw the music video of ‘Titânes‘ it really blows my mind. I was sitting in front of my computer screen and wondering: “What the hell just hit my head?”. It was the same feeling like watching for the first time ‘Steelrose’ in the 90s. Praise whatever you praise to for this awesome club smasher track. It’s a big raw beat that shows the EBM and industrial scene the teeth. The combination of the sinister sounding organ melody and the highly synthesized electric guitars drive me goose bumps onto my arms and makes me shudder.

Project Pitchfork – Promo Photo 2016

Pretty bleak and wonderful

The outstanding feature of the song ‘Propaganda Child’ is definitely the medieval sounding organ. It has an independent character without losing the typical Pitchfork sound color. While the following track ‘Blind Eye’ again sounds more contemporary through the used drums. This mid-tempo song is gorgeous harmonic and calms you down after the last two potential club hits.

There is no time for relaxing yet! A stuttering sound starts ‘Pandora’ and takes you onto a voyage to an almost Synth Pop sounding song that is truly danceable. And unlike as opening Pandora’s box, through the pleasant samples and the euphoric tune the track sounds epic and enlightening.

In a more melancholic undertone comes ‘Sunset Devastation’ along. A beautiful and very emotional track about the cycle of life, which gives hope but also sadness. The root tone remains the same in the following song ‘Open With Caution’. Where soundtechnically this song sounds more interesting. The interplay of the various synthesizer effects on the mid-tempo beat sounds original and gives the album a further variety.

Acoustically dynamic, the song ‘Furious Numbers’ continues. This is another fantastic track for every dark disco. Despite the many classic and typical ‘Pitchfork’ elements, the song sounds enormously refreshing. Another strong song that I want to mention is ‘Exile’, with a ‘Pitchfork’ exceptional beat. This up-tempo beat has something extremely groovy. At the end, the beat whips up brilliantly without falling into stress.

Look up, the final result

This is one of the best ‘Project Pitchfork’ albums so far. And once again they have shown the proof that you are not getting older, but only better. Particularly worth mentioning and praiseworthy is the fact that the ‘Pitchfork’ has not been trapped in time by sound engineering. Incredibly varied, fresh and yet still true to their own style, which is rewarded with an unrestricted purchase recommendation.

Track By Track Rating

Project Pitchfork   Look Up Im Down There
Project Pitchfork - Look Up, I'm Down There
Into Orbit
Propaganda Child
Blind Eye
Look Up, I'm Down There
Sunset Devastation
Open With Caution
Furious Numbers
Sky Eye
Propaganda Child
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