Psy’Aviah – Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars


A successful concept

Psy’Aviah presents his new album with a lot of guest vocalists. This gives rise in any case already a lot of variety. And also the musical styles schemes vary considerably. Unlike its predecessor, this album is rather calm.

On this album are a couple of 4 star rated tracks, and I didn’t want to figure out, which are the best songs. They all have their own spirit. I think the concept to have a featured artist on each song, makes this album successful unique.

Acoustically you will not be bored

As I already mentioned, every song on ‘Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars’ is quite unique operated by the vocalist, but there is also a red line through the whole album that sounds like typical ‘Psy’Aviah’.

Also onboard is the song ‘From Another World’ that already appeared on the Electrozombies compilation ‘Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 1‘ in the ‘Cyborgdrive Remix’ version. Overall it’s a well hand crafted Synth Pop album. A funny conclusion fact, the final rating is the half of ‘seven stars’. Pure random?

Track By Track Rating

psyaviah seven sorrows seven stars
Psy'Aviah - Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars
Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars
Alcubierre Drive (feat. Kyoko Baertsoen)
Face To Face (feat. Roeland van der Velde)
Looking Back (feat. David Chamberlin)
Lessons From The Past (feat. Mari Kattman)
From Another World (feat. Bernard Feron)
Never Look Back (feat. Ellia Bisker)
Opia (feat. Pieter Van Vaerenbergh)
Frozen (feat. Andrew Galucki)
Liberosis (feat. Alvin River)
Peace Paradox
Not What I Expected (feat. Fallon Nieves)
Stronger (feat. Addie Nicole)
Wild Ride (feat. Miss FD)
Starstruck (Diana S.)
Face To Face
From Another World
We Ride
Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars
Half of seven stars