The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy


The best times of ‘The Prodigy’ seem to be over!?

The album is basically not bad, but it’s very mixed and on the other are no innovations to listen. Unfortunately, many tracks sound inconsequential and have lost much of its aggressiveness and independence.

Once I read a sentence from a celebrity talking about ‘The Prodigy’. She said something like this: “Their singles rock, but the albums suck!“. I wouldn’t go so far, but their is a truth within this statement.

‘The Prodigy’ know their strengths really well

All the music videos ‘Nasty‘, ‘Ibiza‘, and ‘Wild Frontier‘ based on the strongest tracks of this album. The title track ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ is among the strongest tracks as well.

As quickly comes to the thought that the remaining tracks are only gap fillers. At least they have always some really great outstanding tracks on their albums. And for a die-hard ‘The Prodigy’ fan it’s definitely a must-have.

Track By Track Rating

the prodigy the day is my enemy
The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy
The Day Is My Enemy
Rebel Radio
Ibiza [feat. Sleaford Mods] [Explicit]
Wild Frontier
Beyond The Deathray
Rhythm Bomb [feat. Flux Pavilion]
Get Your Fight On
Invisible Sun
Wall Of Death [Explicit]
Ibiza [feat. Sleaford Mods] [Explicit]
Rebel Radio
Beyond The Deathray
Invisible Sun
Not bad!