William Control – Revelations: The Black EP

William Control The Black EP

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Release: February 17th, 2017
Label: Control Records
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The story continues

Around 4 months ago, ‘William Control’ unveils the release ‘Revelations: The Pale EP‘. We were excited about this awesome EP and the review has gotten a very high overall score as well. As we now got informed, this is the second EP of an overall series of 4. This is already a great news!

The very image-strong artwork concept pleases us already. But what about the songs on the ‘Revelations: The Black EP’? Are the tracks just as strong as the conceptual artwork? Can we expect a similar breathtaking performance as its predecessor? We already had the pleasure to listen to the EP. Let’s check out what we think of the ‘The Black EP’.

Love, lust and devotion

Analog Flesh In A Digital World: Like on the ‘The Pale EP‘, ‘William Control’ knows his very strong songs exactly. The opener ‘Analog Flesh In A Digital World’ is the most powerful and strongest song on the EP. This song mutates without a big detours into a catchy earworm. It has everything a good synth pop song needs. The song moves in the good mid-tempo range, is catchy, danceable and intelligently written.

William Control Neuromantic Boys photo
William Control / Neuromantic Boys (Promo Photo)

All I Need: A much deeper bass line is one of the focus elements in the second track. Here ‘William Control’ provides us a first-class and radio-fit Synth Pop song.

At this point I have to say that I’m missing “the black” part on the EP. Until here the songs are shining bright and are full of the joys of life.

Knife Play: Almost classic Synth Pop tunes painting this superb song. There are awesome beat bridges to the catchy chorus that amplifying the dark passion of the ‘Knife Play’ lyrics. We really enjoyed this track.

Velvet Rose: The last song isn’t a bad song at all, but it couldn’t really convince us. It’s the cliché of a song on the end of an album: The typical piano ballad. Indeed the melancholic lyrics impress us, but there is nothing special that makes this song unique.

Reveal the result

There is a truly painful point loss in the last track of the EP, but the overall rating is only minimally affected by the other outstanding songs. We definitely recommend ‘Revelations: The Black EP’, and hope that ‘William Control’ will follow this path further. His phenomenal voice is made for this music genre!

Track By Track Rating

William Control The Black EP
William Control - The Black EP
Analog Flesh
All I Need
Knife Play
Velvet Rose
Analog Flesh
Velvet Rose