William Control – Revelations: The Black EP

William Control The Black EP

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Release: February 17th, 2017
Label: Control Records
Genre: , ,
Discogs: Link

The story continues

Around 4 months ago, 'William Control' unveils the release 'Revelations: The Pale EP'. We were excited about this awe­some EP and the review has got­ten a very high over­all score as well. As we now got informed, this is the second EP of an over­all series of 4. This is already a great news!

The very image-strong art­work concept pleases us already. But what about the songs on the 'Revelations: The Black EP'? Are the tracks just as strong as the con­cep­tu­al art­work? Can we expect a sim­il­ar breath­tak­ing per­form­ance as its pre­de­cessor? We already had the pleas­ure to listen to the EP. Let's check out what we think of the 'The Black EP'.

Love, lust and devotion

Analog Flesh In A Digital World: Like on the 'The Pale EP', 'William Control' knows his very strong songs exactly. The open­er 'Analog Flesh In A Digital World' is the most power­ful and strongest song on the EP. This song mutates without a big detours into a catchy ear­worm. It has everything a good synth pop song needs. The song moves in the good mid-tempo range, is catchy, dance­able and intel­li­gently written.

William Control Neuromantic Boys photo
William Control / Neuromantic Boys (Promo Photo)

All I Need: A much deep­er bass line is one of the focus ele­ments in the second track. Here 'William Control' provides us a first-class and radio-fit Synth Pop song.

At this point I have to say that I'm miss­ing "the black" part on the EP. Until here the songs are shin­ing bright and are full of the joys of life.

Knife Play: Almost clas­sic Synth Pop tunes paint­ing this superb song. There are awe­some beat bridges to the catchy chor­us that amp­li­fy­ing the dark pas­sion of the 'Knife Play' lyr­ics. We really enjoyed this track.

Velvet Rose: The last song isn't a bad song at all, but it couldn't really con­vince us. It's the cliché of a song on the end of an album: The typ­ic­al piano bal­lad. Indeed the mel­an­chol­ic lyr­ics impress us, but there is noth­ing spe­cial that makes this song unique.

Reveal the result

There is a truly pain­ful point loss in the last track of the EP, but the over­all rat­ing is only min­im­ally affected by the oth­er out­stand­ing songs. We def­in­itely recom­mend 'Revelations: The Black EP', and hope that 'William Control' will fol­low this path fur­ther. His phe­nom­en­al voice is made for this music genre!

Track By Track Rating

William Control The Black EP
William Control – The Black EP
Analog Flesh
All I Need
Knife Play
Velvet Rose
Analog Flesh
Velvet Rose

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Analog Flesh
All I Need
Knife Play
Velvet Rose
Final Score