William Control – Revelations: The Red EP

William Control - Revelations: The Red EP

EP facts

Release: July 14th, 2017
Label: Control Records
Genre: , , ,
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An EP Series with a red thread

The 'Revelations' EP series goes into the third round and the latest 'William Control' release is called 'Revelations: The Red EP'. The concept of get­ting a 4‑track EP every 4–5 months is def­in­itely inter­est­ing. The advant­age is that you as a fan doesn't have to wait almost an etern­ity for an album. In addi­tion, you focus bet­ter and more intense on the indi­vidu­al songs.

Without a doubt, the red thread con­cep­tu­ally draws sig­ni­fic­antly by the art­work. But also music­ally, 'William Control' has once again landed a per­fect match here. The dis­tinct­ive sound is more soph­ist­ic­ated and also char­ac­ter­iz­ing for 'William Control'.

Worship and submission

Kiss The Girl: The first bass beats are damn impress­ive and con­jure up a smile on my face. The open­er 'Kiss The Girl' is a super catchy, radio-friendly dance gren­ade. Lyrically it's about sexu­al role­play games, which are of course a big top­ic in the over­all concept 'William Control'. Nevertheless the text is on a taste­fully high level and doesn't seem too stereotypical.

Let Her Go: The second track is in the same up-tempo range as 'Kiss The Girl'. Acoustically is the 80s Synth Pop atmo­sphere, beau­ti­fully inter­preted in mod­ern times. In the verses you hear an angel­ic-sound­ing 'Aaahhh' sample, which seemed very famil­i­ar to me. After a few minutes, I had it. It sounds like a sample from Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy The Silence'. Consciously or uncon­sciously it's used magnificently.

Scars: 'Urgency' is the first term that I asso­ci­ate with this very gloomy and ser­i­ous sound. The sound is calm but dom­in­ant, mel­an­chol­ic but full of hope, I love this track. Thematically we stay in the expli­citly erot­ic area, but here the whole is spiced with a pinch of romance. Subtle and pro­found without los­ing the focus of their own style, test­i­fies to great cre­at­ive tal­ent.

Submit: The last track on the 'Revelations: The Red EP' con­vinces with the ton­al dynam­ics and the red thread that ends here. The role play 'Master and slave' is the focus here. With excel­lent and sol­id sense of style, 'Submit' has no sig­ni­fic­ant flaws and fits per­fectly into the spec­trum of sexu­al pleasure.

Lust or suffer?

Wow, what an awe­some EP! The ques­tion: "Lust of suf­fer?", doesn't occur to me, because every single song on 'Revelations: The Red EP' is a hit. This is exactly what mod­ern, pas­sion­ate Synth Pop sounds like. Follow the com­mand and pur­chase the must-have 'Revelations: The Red EP' from 'William Control' now. We already obey! ;-)

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William Control - Revelations: The Red EP
William Control – The Red EP
Kiss The Girl
Let Her Go
Kiss The Girl
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Kiss The Girl
Let Her Go
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