William Control – Revelations: The Red EP

William Control - Revelations: The Red EP

EP facts

Release: July 14th, 2017
Label: Control Records
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An EP Series with a red thread

The ‘Revelations’ EP series goes into the third round and the latest ‘William Control’ release is called ‘Revelations: The Red EP’. The concept of getting a 4-track EP every 4-5 months is definitely interesting. The advantage is that you as a fan doesn’t have to wait almost an eternity for an album. In addition, you focus better and more intense on the individual songs.

Without a doubt, the red thread conceptually draws significantly by the artwork. But also musically, ‘William Control’ has once again landed a perfect match here. The distinctive sound is more sophisticated and also characterizing for ‘William Control’.

Worship and submission

Kiss The Girl: The first bass beats are damn impressive and conjure up a smile on my face. The opener ‘Kiss The Girl’ is a super catchy, radio-friendly dance grenade. Lyrically it’s about sexual roleplay games, which are of course a big topic in the overall concept ‘William Control’. Nevertheless the text is on a tastefully high level and doesn’t seem too stereotypical.

Let Her Go: The second track is in the same up-tempo range as ‘Kiss The Girl’. Acoustically is the 80s Synth Pop atmosphere, beautifully interpreted in modern times. In the verses you hear an angelic-sounding ‘Aaahhh’ sample, which seemed very familiar to me. After a few minutes, I had it. It sounds like a sample from Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy The Silence’. Consciously or unconsciously it’s used magnificently.

Scars: ‘Urgency’ is the first term that I associate with this very gloomy and serious sound. The sound is calm but dominant, melancholic but full of hope, I love this track. Thematically we stay in the explicitly erotic area, but here the whole is spiced with a pinch of romance. Subtle and profound without losing the focus of their own style, testifies to great creative talent.

Submit: The last track on the ‘Revelations: The Red EP’ convinces with the tonal dynamics and the red thread that ends here. The role play ‘Master and slave’ is the focus here. With excellent and solid sense of style, ‘Submit’ has no significant flaws and fits perfectly into the spectrum of sexual pleasure.

Lust or suffer?

Wow, what an awesome EP! The question: “Lust of suffer?”, doesn’t occur to me, because every single song on ‘Revelations: The Red EP’ is a hit. This is exactly what modern, passionate Synth Pop sounds like. Follow the command and purchase the must-have ‘Revelations: The Red EP’ from ‘William Control’ now. We already obey! ;-)

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William Control - Revelations: The Red EP
William Control - The Red EP
Kiss The Girl
Let Her Go
Kiss The Girl
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