William Control – Revelations: The Pale EP


A true revelation

Electrozombies is a fan of 'William Control' for years. We watched his career and enjoyed also a fab­ulous live show at the Pluswelt Festival in Germany. While his older albums was more Electrorock driv­en, the EP 'Revelations: The Pale' comes along with a new and more focused on Synth Pop and Darkwave sound. We appre­ci­ate that very much.

Usually we don't review often EP's, because of our review pro­ced­ure. You can't get a good and val­id aver­age score with a few selec­ted songs. But if we really like it, then we make excep­tions. So here we go! ;-)

This is what you get

The Monster: This is the uber-hit on this EP. It's a power­ful dance track. I would go so far to say it's almost a club clas­sic. The chor­us is super catchy and very dynam­ic­al. My abso­lute favour­ite on the EP.

Confess: The second song comes in a midtempo speed. It calm you down after the open­er and sounds a bit dark­er. The chor­us on this track comes in an 80s Pop style with a dreamy twitch­ing gui­tar. The voice is very emo­tion­al in this song and leaves the remark­able line: "We kill for love", in my head.

When The Love Is Pain: The hyp­not­iz­ing lyr­ic lines in the chor­us: "Dance with me forever, when the love is pain" still in my mind after listen­ing this gor­geous song. Furthermore this track comes with and really nice BDSM bridge. Great song!

Mother Superior: The song 'Mother Superior' comes along more mod­er­ated and with a breath of tragedy. It sounds gloomy and very ser­i­ous. After the third listen­ing, I had a cold shiver run­ning over my back. This song has def­in­itely a thoughtfulness.

Track By Track Rating

William Control Revelations The Pale EP
William Control – Revelations: The Pale EP
The Monster
When The Love Is Pain
Mother Superior
The Monster
(Nothing to report here)
A Monster EP

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The Monster
When The Love Is Pain
Mother Superior
Final Score