William Control – Revelations: The Pale EP

William Control   Revelations The Pale EP


A true revelation

Electrozombies is a fan of ‘William Control‘ for years. We watched his career and enjoyed also a fabulous live show at the Pluswelt Festival in Germany. While his older albums was more Electrorock driven, the EP ‘Revelations: The Pale’ comes along with a new and more focused on Synth Pop and Darkwave sound. We appreciate that very much.

Usually we don’t review often EP’s, because of our review procedure. You can’t get a good and valid average score with a few selected songs. But if we really like it, then we make exceptions. So here we go! ;-)

This is what you get

The Monster: This is the uber-hit on this EP. It’s a powerful dance track. I would go so far to say it’s almost a club classic. The chorus is super catchy and very dynamical. My absolute favourite on the EP.

Confess: The second song comes in a midtempo speed. It calm you down after the opener and sounds a bit darker. The chorus on this track comes in an 80s Pop style with a dreamy twitching guitar. The voice is very emotional in this song and leaves the remarkable line: “We kill for love”, in my head.

When The Love Is Pain: The hypnotizing lyric lines in the chorus: “Dance with me forever, when the love is pain” still in my mind after listening this gorgeous song. Furthermore this track comes with and really nice BDSM bridge. Great song!

Mother Superior: The song ‘Mother Superior’ comes along more moderated and with a breath of tragedy. It sounds gloomy and very serious. After the third listening, I had a cold shiver running over my back. This song has definitely a thoughtfulness.

Track By Track Rating

William Control   Revelations The Pale EP
William Control - Revelations: The Pale EP
The Monster
When The Love Is Pain
Mother Superior
The Monster
(Nothing to report here)
A Monster EP