Dalhia - Miami
The song 'Miami' by the French duo 'Dalhia' is taken from the EP '4 Ever'. Imagine a soft washed version of 'Too Dead To Die'.
100% - Abandon (Music video)
The song 'Abandon', which has a lot of atmosphere, was written by the Australian band '100%'.
Tay - Shut It Off
With 'Shut It Off' performed by 'Tay' tells us the US artist that this song is about shutting off your thoughts and feelings from the outside world.
VØR - Honey
Official music video for the indietronic song 'Honey' performed by 'VØR'. Slow and with oriental sounds, the song is lyrically about self-love.
Kit Kido - Hellbent
The fourth single 'Hellbent' by Greek artist 'Kit Kido' has the nice crisp 80s beat that 'Paula Abdul' already had.
Kit Kido - Moonbeam
The song 'Moonbeam' by the Greek band 'Kit Kido' must be a love message to the early works of 'Björk'.
&Tilly - Dawn
The indietronic / electro pop song 'Dawn' is a very calm tune by the Slovakian band '&Tilly'.
TEMMIS - Wenn Du Da Bist
The song 'Wenn Du Da Bist' by the German band 'TEMMIS' is a fast-paced frenzy that hits the notch of the early 2000s indietronic scene.