27+ most significant Electrorock songs that make you addicted

27+ most significant Electrorock songs that make you addicted

An epic genre mix

One of the most excit­ing genre fusions in this mil­len­ni­um is the mer­ging of dark, elec­tron­ic music and elec­tric gui­tar driv­en rock. The genre is mainly known as Electrorock that's some­times on the edge to Industrial (more Metal influenced).

In my young­er years I also had a short phase in which I'd rather listen­ing to Rock and Metal. The rugged elec­tric gui­tars and the raw sound was cer­tainly also a reflec­tion of my emo­tion­al world. This has, of course, also influ­enced me. And when I hear an Electrorock song today, I notice how I uncon­sciously start to headbanging.

The definition of Electrorock

In this art­icle, I would like to intro­duce you to the most sig­ni­fic­ant rep­res­ent­at­ives of this rel­at­ively young music­al genre. The most char­ac­ter­iz­ing attrib­ute at Electrorock is the bal­anced blend of synths and clas­sic Rock/Metal ele­ments. In a few excep­tions, the elec­tric gui­tars can also come from syn­thes­izers, if the over­all atti­tude is tuned to Rock.

The list doesn't include Synth Pop songs with gui­tars or Rock/Metal songs with slight use of syn­thes­izers. Here we list only songs that have a per­fect romance from both worlds to cre­ate a new music­al gene pool. One final note yet: This list has no rank­ing factor. Let's (eletrco) rock!

page divider thunderbolt 071. Heavy-Current – Ratrace

The offi­cial music video 'Ratrace' per­formed by 'Heavy-Current' taken from the album 'Push The Fire'. Camera, Edit: Ralf Kemper for Spontitotalfilm.

page divider thunderbolt 06

2. Enter Shikari – Sorry, You're Not A Winner

Music video by 'Enter Shikari' per­form­ing 'Sorry, You’re Not A Winner'. Directed and filmed by Alex Smith. Taken from 'Take To The Skies' album.

page divider thunderbolt 05

3. Apoptygma Berzerk – In This Together

Official music video by 'Apoptygma Berzerk' per­form­ing 'In This Together'. Taken from the album 'You And Me Against The World'.

page divider thunderbolt 04

4. Hadouken! – Turn The Lights Out

Official music video 'Turn The Lights Out' by 'Hadouken!' taken from the album 'For The Masses'.

page divider thunderbolt 03

5. Imperative Reaction – Surface

'Surface' is the first single/video from Imperative Reaction’s 2011 album 'Imperative Reaction'. Directed by Chad Michael Ward and pro­duced by Mary Taylor.

page divider thunderbolt 01

6. Zeromancer – Industry People

Official music video by 'Zeromancer' per­form­ing 'Industry People' taken from the album 'The Death Of Romance'. Directed, filmed and edited by: Lars Martin Kræmer.

page divider thunderbolt 02

7. Orgy – Stiches

The offi­cial music video for 'Stitches' per­formed by 'Orgy' taken from the album 'Candyass'.

page divider thunderbolt 01

8. Pakt. – Freiheit

'Freiheit' – the first music video clip from Electro-vet­er­ans Chris Ruiz and Gio van Oli, now bet­ter known as 'Pakt.'. Director Golo Schultz.

page divider thunderbolt 07

9. Freakangel – My Darling Bullet

Official music video 'My Darling Bullte' by 'Freakangel'. Taken from the album 'The Faults Of Humanity'. Directed by D. Darling.

page divider thunderbolt 06

10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll

Official music video by 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs' per­form­ing 'Heads Will Roll' taken from the album 'It's Blitz!'.

page divider thunderbolt 01

11. Essence Of Mind – Indifference

Official music video ‘Indifference’ by ‘Essence Of Mind’. Taken from the album “Indifference” Directed by Vidar Olsen, Clip by Mats Kokvik.

page divider thunderbolt 05

12. Julien‑K – We're Here With You

Official music video 'We're Here With You' per­formed by 'Julien‑K'. Directed by Vicente Cordero, Fernando Cordero, Amir Derakh & Ryan Shuck.

page divider thunderbolt 04

13. Rabia Sorda – Deaf

Official music video ‘Deaf’ per­formed by ‘Rabia Sorda’. Taken from the album 'Hotel Suicide'. Directed by Chris Creepy.

page divider thunderbolt 03

14. Kevorkian Death Cycle – Mind Decay

The offi­cial music video 'Mind Decay' by 'Kevorkian Death Cycle' is taken from the album 'God Am I'.

page divider thunderbolt 02

15. Army Of The Universe – Until The End

Official music video 'Until The End' per­formed by 'Army Of The Universe'. Screenplay, Direction and Editing : David Benedetti, Michele Bordellini, Ario Lockey.

page divider thunderbolt 07

16. William Control – Revelator

The Official music video for 'Revelator' taken from the 'William Control' album 'The Neuromancer'.

page divider thunderbolt 01

17. Protafield – God-Forced

Official music video 'God-Forced' by 'Protafield' (Jayce Lewis) taken from the album 'Nemesis'.

page divider thunderbolt 07

18. Rave The Reqviem – Aeon

The offi­cial music video for 'Aeon' per­formed by 'Rave The Reqviem'. Taken from the DWA album “Rave The Reqviem” and single “Aeon(s)”. Video pro­duced by UCMO, Filmed by Daniel "Yor" Lindgren and Petter Perseius.

page divider thunderbolt 06

19. Dope Stars Inc. – Dressed Inside Your Fear

Official music video 'Dressed Inside Your Fear' per­formed by 'Dope Stars Inc.' taken from the album 'TeraPunk'. Written, dir­ec­ted & edited by Daniele Campea.

page divider thunderbolt 04

20. The Tractor – Teddy Thoughts


Music video 'Teddy Thoughts' taken from the new album ‘Punishments’ from the band 'The Tractor'.

page divider thunderbolt 04

21. AlterRed – I Breathe You

Official music video ‘I Breathe You’ by ‘AlterRed’ taken from the album ‘In the Land of the Blind'.

page divider thunderbolt 01

22. Bullet Height – Hold Together

Berlin-based elec­tron­ic-rock duo 'Bullet Height' have revealed a fren­et­ic and intense video for their new single ‘Hold Together’.

page divider thunderbolt 07

23. TerroloKaust – Dissensions

Official music video ‘Dissensions’ by ‘Terrolokaust’ taken from the DWA album ‘Dissensions’. Video dir­ec­ted by Rubén Vilchez @ Sabotatge Produccions.

page divider thunderbolt 06

24. 3Teeth – Atrophy

Official music video ‘Atrophy’ by '3Teeth'. Co-Directed by: Alexis Mincolla & Vicente Cordero.

page divider thunderbolt 01

25. Syd.31 – We Are The Freaks

Official music video ‘We Are the Freaks’ is the lead track from the album ‘Last Punks on Earth’.

page divider thunderbolt 06

26. The Qemists – Run You

Official music video 'Run You' is the first single taken from The Qemists’ album 'Warrior Sound'.

page divider thunderbolt 05

27. Boars – Deeper

Official music video ‘Deeper’ per­formed by ‘Boars’ taken from the album ‘There will be parties, there will be fun, there will be gal­lows for everyone’.

page divider thunderbolt 04

Bonus content: Two particularly noteworthy songs, of which you can almost speak of the roots of the modern Electrorock.

page divider thunderbolt 03

Marilyn Manson – The Dope Show

This song blew my mind as it was released! Sonically and visu­ally an abso­lute masterpiece.

Official music video by 'Marilyn Manson' per­form­ing 'The Dope Show' taken from the monu­ment­al and breath­tak­ing album 'Mechincal Animals'.

page divider thunderbolt 06

Depeche Mode – I Feel You

As pion­eers of con­tem­por­ary, elec­tron­ic music, 'Depeche Mode' star­ted early com­bin­ing hard gui­tar riffs with a Rock atti­tude in their own music.

Official music video 'I Feel You' per­formed by 'Depeche Mode' taken from the extraordin­ary album 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion'. Directed by Anton Corbijn.

page divider thunderbolt 05

The whole experience

You also can find all those lis­ted videos in a cool playl­ist on our YouTube chan­nel 'Electrozombies TV'. Ideal for watch­ing all these music videos on your Smart TV. Go ahead and sub­scribe our YouTube chan­nel now.

If you like the list, but only want to listen to the music, then check out our Mixcloud chan­nel. Here you can listen to the whole list at home on your desktop or on the way with your Smartphone and the offi­cial Apps.

What's your opinion?

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