27+ most significant Electrorock songs that make you addicted

27+ most significant Electrorock songs that make you addicted

An epic genre mix

One of the most exciting genre fusions in this millennium is the merging of dark, electronic music and electric guitar driven rock. The genre is mainly known as Electrorock that’s sometimes on the edge to Industrial (more Metal influenced).

In my younger years I also had a short phase in which I’d rather listening to Rock and Metal. The rugged electric guitars and the raw sound was certainly also a reflection of my emotional world. This has, of course, also influenced me. And when I hear an Electrorock song today, I notice how I unconsciously start to headbanging.

The definition of Electrorock

In this article, I would like to introduce you to the most significant representatives of this relatively young musical genre. The most characterizing attribute at Electrorock is the balanced blend of synths and classic Rock/Metal elements. In a few exceptions, the electric guitars can also come from synthesizers, if the overall attitude is tuned to Rock.

The list doesn’t include Synth Pop songs with guitars or Rock/Metal songs with slight use of synthesizers. Here we list only songs that have a perfect romance from both worlds to create a new musical gene pool. One final note yet: This list has no ranking factor. Let’s (eletrco) rock!

page divider thunderbolt 071. Heavy-Current – Ratrace

The official music video ‘Ratrace’ performed by ‘Heavy-Current’ taken from the album ‘Push The Fire‘. Camera, Edit: Ralf Kemper for Spontitotalfilm.

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2. Enter Shikari – Sorry, You’re Not A Winner

Music video by ‘Enter Shikari’ performing ‘Sorry, You’re Not A Winner’. Directed and filmed by Alex Smith. Taken from ‘Take To The Skies’ album.

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3. Apoptygma Berzerk – In This Together

Official music video by ‘Apoptygma Berzerk’ performing ‘In This Together’. Taken from the album ‘You And Me Against The World’.

page divider thunderbolt 04

4. Hadouken! – Turn The Lights Out

Official music video ‘Turn The Lights Out’ by ‘Hadouken!’ taken from the album ‘For The Masses’.

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5. Imperative Reaction – Surface

‘Surface’ is the first single/video from Imperative Reaction’s 2011 album ‘Imperative Reaction‘. Directed by Chad Michael Ward and produced by Mary Taylor.

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6. Zeromancer – Industry People

Official music video by ‘Zeromancer’ performing ‘Industry People’ taken from the album ‘The Death Of Romance’. Directed, filmed and edited by: Lars Martin Kræmer.

page divider thunderbolt 02

7. Orgy – Stiches

The official music video for ‘Stitches’ performed by ‘Orgy’ taken from the album ‘Candyass’.

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8. Pakt. – Freiheit

‘Freiheit’ – the first music video clip from Electro-veterans Chris Ruiz and Gio van Oli, now better known as ‘Pakt.’. Director Golo Schultz.

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9. Freakangel – My Darling Bullet

Official music video ‘My Darling Bullte’ by ‘Freakangel’. Taken from the album ‘The Faults Of Humanity’. Directed by D. Darling.

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10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll

Official music video by ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ performing ‘Heads Will Roll’ taken from the album ‘It’s Blitz!’.

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11. Essence Of Mind – Indifference

Official music video ‘Indifference’ by ‘Essence Of Mind’. Taken from the album “Indifference” Directed by Vidar Olsen, Clip by Mats Kokvik.

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12. Julien-K – We’re Here With You

Official music video ‘We’re Here With You’ performed by ‘Julien-K’. Directed by Vicente Cordero, Fernando Cordero, Amir Derakh & Ryan Shuck.

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13. Rabia Sorda – Deaf

Official music video ‘Deaf’ performed by ‘Rabia Sorda’. Taken from the album ‘Hotel Suicide’. Directed by Chris Creepy.

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14. Kevorkian Death Cycle – Mind Decay

The official music video ‘Mind Decay’ by ‘Kevorkian Death Cycle’ is taken from the album ‘God Am I‘.

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15. Army Of The Universe – Until The End

Official music video ‘Until The End’ performed by ‘Army Of The Universe’. Screenplay, Direction and Editing : David Benedetti, Michele Bordellini, Ario Lockey.

page divider thunderbolt 07

16. William Control – Revelator

The Official music video for ‘Revelator’ taken from the ‘William Control’ album ‘The Neuromancer‘.

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17. Protafield – God-Forced

Official music video ‘God-Forced’ by ‘Protafield’ (Jayce Lewis) taken from the album ‘Nemesis’.

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18. Rave The Reqviem – Aeon

The official music video for ‘Aeon’ performed by ‘Rave The Reqviem’. Taken from the DWA album “Rave The Reqviem” and single “Aeon(s)”. Video produced by UCMO, Filmed by Daniel “Yor” Lindgren and Petter Perseius.

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19. Dope Stars Inc. – Dressed Inside Your Fear

Official music video ‘Dressed Inside Your Fear’ performed by ‘Dope Stars Inc.’ taken from the album ‘TeraPunk’. Written, directed & edited by Daniele Campea.

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20. The Tractor – Teddy Thoughts

Music video ‘Teddy Thoughts’ taken from the new album ‘Punishments’ from the band ‘The Tractor’.

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21. AlterRed – I Breathe You

Official music video ‘I Breathe You’ by ‘AlterRed’ taken from the album ‘In the Land of the Blind’.

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22. Bullet Height – Hold Together

Berlin-based electronic-rock duo ‘Bullet Height’ have revealed a frenetic and intense video for their new single ‘Hold Together’.

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23. TerroloKaust – Dissensions

Official music video ‘Dissensions’ by ‘Terrolokaust’ taken from the DWA album ‘Dissensions’. Video directed by Rubén Vilchez @ Sabotatge Produccions.

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24. 3Teeth – Atrophy

Official music video ‘Atrophy’ by ‘3Teeth’. Co-Directed by: Alexis Mincolla & Vicente Cordero.

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25. Syd.31 – We Are The Freaks

Official music video ‘We Are the Freaks’ is the lead track from the album ‘Last Punks on Earth’.

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26. The Qemists – Run You

Official music video ‘Run You’ is the first single taken from The Qemists’ album ‘Warrior Sound’.

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27. Boars – Deeper

Official music video ‘Deeper’ performed by ‘Boars’ taken from the album ‘There will be parties, there will be fun, there will be gallows for everyone’.

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Bonus content: Two particularly noteworthy songs, of which you can almost speak of the roots of the modern Electrorock.

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Marilyn Manson – The Dope Show

This song blew my mind as it was released! Sonically and visually an absolute masterpiece.

Official music video by ‘Marilyn Manson’ performing ‘The Dope Show’ taken from the monumental and breathtaking album ‘Mechincal Animals’.

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Depeche Mode – I Feel You

As pioneers of contemporary, electronic music, ‘Depeche Mode’ started early combining hard guitar riffs with a Rock attitude in their own music.

Official music video ‘I Feel You’ performed by ‘Depeche Mode’ taken from the extraordinary album ‘Songs Of Faith And Devotion’. Directed by Anton Corbijn.

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The whole experience

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