What is the best And One album ever?

What is the best And One album ever?

We rated every studio album track by track

To find out which is the best And One album, I did the work and rated every single album track by track. I summarized the result in a ranking that you can find here. At the end of the article, the values are again clearly arranged, shown chronologically in a curve graph.

German machine music on the test bench

My first active memory of And One is the club uberhit ‘Für’ from the fourth studio album ‘I.S.T.’ (1994). A track that everyone in my favourite club at the time (Stahlwerk, Düsseldorf) was just waiting for. A guaranteed hit for a full dance floor. Since then I’ve been a fan of the band and own all their albums in physical form.

However, there are also phases of ‘And One’ that are really scary. The time when ‘And One’ was signed to Virgin was, in my opinion, the biggest mistake in their career. Everything was smoothed out to please the mainstream and the suitability for radio was not a good decision. But at least even this time has generated a few gems.

‘And One’ is the epitome of typical German EBM paired with Synth Pop and has a solid standing in this niche and fans worldwide. Even if I make critical judgements here in the article and some album productions definitely have to lose ground, I love ‘And One’. But enough foreplay for now. Discover now what the best And One album ever is.

The best And One album charts

And One - Virgin Superstar

12. Virgin Superstar

Release: 2000
Overall Rating: 2.81 ★★★☆☆
Great tracks: (None)
Weak tracks: Mr. Jenka

‘Virgin Superstar’ is just a mediocre electronic Pop album. The original DNA that made up ‘And One’ has disappeared from the album almost without a trace. When the album came out, this album was an absolute ‘And One’ low point to me. Sorry guys, this album sucks!

  1. Virgin Superstar 3
  2. Wasted 3.5
  3. You Don’t Love Me Anymore 2.5
  4. Goodbye Germany 2.5
  5. Wet Spot 3.5
  6. Panzermensch 3.5
  7. My Story 3
  8. Life To Lose 2.5
  9. Not The Only One 3
  10. Don’t Need The Drugs 3
  11. Mr. Jenka 1.5

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And One - Anguish

11. Anguish

Release: 1991
Overall Rating: 2.88 ★★★☆☆
Great tracks: (None)
Weak tracks: Devil Airlines, Menschen, Synthetik, Geld

The debut album ‘Anguish’ is a solid first work that ‘And One’ can be proud of. In terms of sound, it was at the absolute top of the underground EBM / Industrial scene in 1991. Of course there are a few gaps on here that shouldn’t have been there, but I think Steve Naghavi and the rest of the band just liked to experiment playfully. Personally, I think ‘Second Front’ is the strongest song on the album, otherwise there are many mediocre tracks throughout the album.

  1. Devil Airlines 2
  2. Second Front 4
  3. Metalhammer 3.5
  4. Menschen 2
  5. And One 3
  6. Only One 3
  7. Crimetime 3
  8. Synthetik 2
  9. Geld 2
  10. Second Voice 3.5
  11. Exit 3.5
  12. Anguish 3

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And One - Aggressor

10. Aggressor

Release: 2003
Overall Rating: 3.13 ★★★☆☆
Great tracks: (None)
Weak tracks: Kein Anfang, Einstieg, Kein Ende

The album artwork and the title aroused great hope in me that ‘And One’ had returned to their old strengths. However, after the first listen, all my hopes were mercilessly shattered. In contrast to their predecessor ‘Virgin Superstar’, the sound is definitely more typical of ‘And One’. But an album completely in German? The problem with German lyrics in this scene is that they quickly become embarrassing because they sound cheesy and like common Pop music. Or even worse, when the lyrics are just clichéd calendar slogans. But I guess that on ‘Aggressor’ the concept was above everything. One good thing about it: It was the last album to be released on the major label Virgin.

  1. Kein Anfang 2
  2. Schwarz 3
  3. Krieger 4
  4. Sternradio 4
  5. Speicherbar 4
  6. Fehlschlag 3.5
  7. Für Immer 4
  8. Einstieg 2
  9. Strafbomber 4
  10. Fernsehapparat 2.5
  11. Tote Tulpen 2.5
  12. Kein Ende 2

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And One - Flop!

9. Flop!

Release: 1992
Overall Rating: 3.14 ★★★☆☆
Great tracks: Techno Man
Weak tracks: G.U.S. Airlines. Erste Liebe, Kindergarden, Rosario

Is it a good idea to call the second album ‘Flop!’? I mean because of self-fulfilling prophecy and all that. In my opinion, there are also too many gap fillers on the second album. That is a great pity. But what I really love are those fantastic old analogue synthesizer sounds. They all sound so rich and metallic cold. The album also contains the first big club hit ‘Techno Man’, which is still a constant part of many playlists in nightclubs. The song ‘Die Stille Vor Dem Ton’ sounds to me like a love letter to ‘Kraftwerk’.

  1. G.U.S. Airlines 2
  2. Loser 4
  3. Erste Liebe 2
  4. Techno Man 5
  5. Years 4
  6. Kindergarden 2
  7. Die Mitte 3
  8. Secret Boy 4
  9. Die Stille Vor Dem Ton 4
  10. Rosario 2.5
  11. Yesterday 2

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And One - Tanzomat

8. Tanzomat

Release: 2011
Overall Rating: 3.33 ★★★☆☆
Great tracks: (None)
Weak tracks: (None)

I definitely think the album ‘Tanzomat’ is weaker than its predecessor ‘Bodypop’. However, I have to admit with humility that I was a bit harsh in my choice of words and my judgement in my review of ‘Tanzomat‘ at the time. Now that I have listened to all the albums in a very short time, I notice the great progress compared to the albums from Nordhausen to Aggressor. But it’s never too late to admit mistakes and apologise, which I do herewith. I have adjusted the rating in the original review upwards again.

  1. Save The Hate 4
  2. Shining Star 4
  3. Only Your Dreams 3.5
  4. Dancing In The Factory 3.5
  5. Angel Eyes 2.5
  6. Seven 4
  7. The Aim Is In Your Head 3
  8. Electrocution 3.5
  9. Sex Drive 4
  10. Playing Dead 3
  11. No Song For You 2.5
  12. And I Love 2.5

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And One - 9.9.99 9 Uhr

7. 9.9.99 9 Uhr

Release: 1998
Overall Rating: 3.4 ★★★☆☆
Great tracks: Get You Closer
Weak tracks: (None)

The opener and first single ‘Get You Closer’ point to a first-class Synth Pop album. However, the crux of the matter is again the forced, radio-friendly complaisance, which probably came from the major label Virgin. It can be assumed that to smooth the waters, the EP ‘Maschinenstürmer’ was added in the limited first edition for the old fans.  The 5 tracks are all not aimed at the mainstream, but also not particularly worth mentioning.

  1. Get You Closer 5
  2. Michael Caine 3
  3. Evil Boys 2.5
  4. Pimmelmann 3
  5. Und Wieder 3
  6. Love & Fingers 4
  7. Pray 4
  8. Men In Uniform 4
  9. Hypnotize 3
  10. Der Erste Schritt 2.5

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And One - S.T.O.P.

6. S.T.O.P.

Release: 2012
Overall Rating: 3.5 ★★★★☆
Great tracks: Shouts Of Joy, Killing The Mercy, Memory, S.T.O.P. The Sun
Weak tracks: Everybody Dies Tonight, No Words

One thing in advance. I still stick to my opinion in our review that the album cover of ‘S.T.O.P.‘ is the ugliest And One cover ever. However, the album is quite solid and also offers a few highlights. The limited editions of the album include the EP ‘Treibwerk’. Two noteworthy artists appear as guest vocalists on this release. On the song ‘Get It!’ it is ‘Douglas McCarthy‘ and on the track ‘Low’ it is ‘Eskil Simonsson‘ from ‘Covenant’. It simply belongs on the CD shelf.

  1. Shouts Of Joy 5
  2. Killing The Mercy 4.5
  3. Memory 4.5
  4. You Without A Me 4
  5. Don’t Get Me Wrong 4
  6. Aigua 2.5
  7. S.T.O.P. The Sun 4.5
  8. The 4 3
  9. Back Home 3
  10. Everybody Dies Tonight 2
  11. The End Of Your Life 3
  12. No Words 2

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And One - Nordhausen

5. Nordhausen

Release: 1997
Overall Rating: 3.54 ★★★★☆
Great tracks: Sometimes, Sitata Tirulala, Friends In Heaven
Weak tracks: Und Dafür, Schluss Mit Lustig

In Germany, the mid 90s were particularly marked by the so-called “Fun Society”. There is even an entry on this in the German Wikipedia: Spaßgesellschaft in the German Wikipedia. Somehow I always had the feeling that this had influenced the album. Especially I include the tracks ‘Movie Star’ and ‘Sweety Sweety’. How far the new label Virgin has something to do with it I can’t say. But maybe these tracks are meant to appeal to more mainstream radio listeners. But fortunately there is also enough dark counterbalance, with songs like ‘Sometimes’, ‘Friends In Heaven’ or ‘Mirror In Your Heart’ that will melt every black heart.

  1. Und Dafür 2
  2. Sometimes 5
  3. Movie Star 3
  4. Uns Geht’s Gut 4
  5. My Warrior 4
  6. Creatures 4
  7. Sweety Sweety 3
  8. Schluss Mit Lustig 2
  9. Sitata Tirulala 4.5
  10. Friends In Heaven 4.5
  11. Mirror In Your Heart 4.5
  12. Nordhausen 2

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And One - Bodypop

4. Bodypop

Release: 2006
Overall Rating: 3.58 ★★★★☆
Great tracks: Military Fashion Show, Enjoy The Unknown, Body Company
Weak tracks: Mein Anfang, Dein Ende

The album ‘Bodypop’ is the first album on the Out Of Line label. With a few exceptions, the album is a real banger. After many years of conceptual experimentation, the mellow way to please the mainstream (Virgin era), ‘Bodypop’ finally features EBM / Synth Pop club hits for the scene again. With the limited edition, fans also receive the EP ‘Frontfeuer’. Here the band proves that they can still do really good, stomping oldschool EBM. Absolutely recommendable!

  1. Mein Anfang 2
  2. Military Fashion Show 5
  3. Enjoy The Unknown 4.5
  4. So Klingt Liebe 3
  5. The Sound Of Believer 4
  6. Body Company 5
  7. Traumfrau 3
  8. Stand The Pain 4
  9. Sexkeit 3.5
  10. Love You To The End 4
  11. The Dream 3
  12. Dein Ende 2

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And One - I.S.T.

3. I.S.T.

Release: 1994
Overall Rating: 3.83 ★★★★☆
Great tracks: Murder Murder, The Only Guest, When The Feet Hurt, The Secret, Für, Body Nerv
Weak tracks: Second Day, Ghama Voodoo

The album ‘I.S.T.’ is the last album that was released on the label Machinery Records. With ‘I.S.T.’, ‘And One’ has created a milestone alongside ‘Spot’ that is beyond compare. The synthesizer sonics sound beautifully warm and mechanically hard. The lyrics hit the Zeitgeist of the black scene with a targeted precision. In conclusion: An album that every EBM / Synth Pop fan must have in his or her collection!

  1. Ego 2.5
  2. Murder Murder 4.5
  3. Driving With My Darling 4
  4. The Only Guest 5
  5. Dein Duft 3.5
  6. It Happened Last Night 3.5
  7. When The Feet Hurt 4.5
  8. The Secret 4.5
  9. Für 5
  10. Second Day 2
  11. Body Nerv 4.5
  12. Take Some More 4
  13. Deutschmaschine 4
  14. Heart Of Stone 4
  15. Ghama Voodoo 2

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And One ‎– Trilogie I

2. Magnet (Trilogie I)

Release: 2014
Overall Rating: 4.08 ★★★★☆
Great tracks: Zeit Ohne Zeit, Love Is Always On Your Side, Unter Meiner Uniform, Fake Of Pleasure, Black Generation, Synchronizing Bodies, An Alle Krieger!, Before I Go, U-Boot-Krieg In Ost-Berlin, My Angel, She’s Triple 6
Weak tracks: (None)

As I said in our 2014 review when summarising it, “This is a true magnum opus!”, I still agree today. No matter what made Steve Naghavi and his band release such a masterpiece within only 2 years after the previous album ‘S.T.O.P.’, please more of it. In 2016, Steve Naghavi has already announced ‘Vibrator (Trilogy II)’. But now many years have passed since the announcement. A friendly tip: “Don’t build up the fans’ hopes if you don’t have anything in hand. That only leaves hearts bleeding and disappointment”.


  1. Love Needs A Saving Hand 4
  2. Zeit Ohne Zeit 5
  3. Love Is Always On Your Side 5
  4. Unter Meiner Uniform 5
  5. The Other Side 3
  6. Love Me 4
  7. Keiner Fühlt’s Wie Wir 4
  8. Everybody Lies At Night 3.5
  9. Fake Of Pleasure 4.5
  10. Dead Love 3


  1. Black Generation 5
  2. Männermusik 4
  3. Synchronizing Bodies 4.5
  4. An Alle Krieger! 5
  5. Nyctophiliac 3.5
  6. Zwei Tote 4.5
  7. Before I Go 5
  8. U-Boot-Krieg In Ost-Berlin 5
  9. Up & Down 4
  10. New Wave Mother 2.5

Achtung 80

  1. Let’s Get Higher 4
  2. My Angel 5
  3. She’s Triple 6 5
  4. Somebody’s Song 3
  5. Bad Girl 3
  6. The Fighter 4.5
  7. Girls On Girls 4
  8. Why Don’t You Let Me Go 3.5
  9. Love Trashing Girls 3.5
  10. Your Pet Is A Ticking Bomb! 3

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And One - Spot

1. Spot

Release: 1993
Overall Rating: 4.14 ★★★★☆
Great tracks: Wild Pain, Life Isn’t Easy In Germany, Consequence Of Time, Spontanverkehr, Hall Of Souls, Recover You, Tanz Der Arroganz
Weak tracks: Der Erste Stein, The And

During the production of the 1993 album ‘Spot’, ‘And One’ finally got the trick. The album contains one club hit after another. The fusion of EBM and classic Synth Pop is perfectly achieved here. No wonder this magnificent masterpiece made it into our list of ‘20 Synth Pop milestones and collection must-haves‘. In principle, I could go on to praise almost every song, but that would go beyond the limits here. So I thank ‘And One’, in full reverence for this great album. If there is actually a visitor who doesn’t know the album, then listen to ‘Spot‘ right now. And that is an order!

  1. Wild Pain 5
  2. Life Isn’t Easy In Germany 5
  3. Consequence Of Time 5
  4. Spontanverkehr 4.5
  5. Friend Of Stars 4.5
  6. Hall Of Souls 5
  7. Recover You 5
  8. Der Erste Stein 2
  9. Tanz Der Arroganz 5
  10. The And 2
  11. Spot 2.5

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