Fakelife – Death By Radio

Fakelife - Death By Radio'Death By Radio' is a great genre mix by the US artist 'Fakelife' taken from the same-titled EP 'Death By Radio'.

The song com­bines dark synth sound with gloomy lyr­ics, the catchi­ness of syn­thwave and the mel­an­choly of synth pop. At times I'm even reminded of 'Priest' and can only advise every Priest fan to give this a listen.

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Fakelife about 'Death By Radio'

The second song and title track off of my ep "Death By Radio" com­ing Sept 16th. If you told the love of your life "I love you so much I'd kill for you" and she said "prove it" would you? This song fol­lows the story of a guy who's instruc­ted by his lov­er to prove his undy­ing devo­tion to her by going on a killing spree of all of the people she hates. He sub­mits, begrudgingly. We hear the chor­us accom­pan­ied by more and more people which is meant to rep­res­ent the body count. But in the end, was she even real?

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