Starur – I Am Not In Love With You

Starur - I Am Not In Love With YouThe song 'I Am Not In Love With You' by the Swedish artist 'Startur' is a mel­an­chol­ic synth pop track with a slight touch of folk music. This is for­tu­nately only very subtly present, oth­er­wise this song would not be for me.

The chor­us of this midtempo piece is crisply catchy and you auto­mat­ic­ally start hum­ming it with the first repe­ti­tion. However, the song also has a slight gen­er­ic pop­pi­ness that can harm the song in the long run by fad­ing into the fog of memor­ies. I would wish for a little more cour­age to be more inde­pend­ent. However, that doesn't make the song bad and for now the song works very well without hav­ing to listen to it.

By the way, the song comes from the pro­ject 'The Wheel' where one song is released every month for one year. After 'Aesthetic Perfection' and vari­ous oth­er artists, this is prob­ably a new thing, to be able to per­fectly dis­trib­ute every single song of an album, but at least it doesn't hurt anyone.

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Starur about 'I Am Not in Love With You'

Tears and heartache in a syn­thpop song inspired by the mel­an­chol­ic eighties. Starur wrote it her­self in her bed­room, learn­ing how to use elec­tron­ic music as a way of cre­at­ing. Before that, she had always been a folk musi­cian play­ing instru­ments like the gui­tar, the celt­ic harp, piano and per­cus­sion. Here she does not of that, and with the help of pro­du­cer Tobias Löfkvist, she let her voice and the syn­thes­izers carry her home.

Her very first single was called "Femme Fatale", a vocal syn­thwave song. This single, "I Am Not in Love With You" them­at­ic­ally fol­lows, and con­tin­ues the story.

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