Gleaming – Run Faster

Gleaming - Run FasterLet's get star­ted with Gleaming's 'Run Faster' review. This music will get your heart beat­ing and your body mov­ing. With a pound­ing and bass-heavy beat that will have you dan­cing in no time, it's ideal for a night out at the club. The song is taken from the EP 'We Dissolve'.

The beau­ti­fully subtle 80s bells that provide a pleas­ant touch to 'Run Faster' are one of the song's prom­in­ent com­pon­ents. The breaks are snappy and ener­get­ic, main­tain­ing a high level of intens­ity. The song's title, 'Run Faster,' is also included as a vocal sample that func­tions almost like a har­mon­ic instru­ment. It's a great addi­tion that con­trib­utes to the over­all feel of the song.

The vocals in 'Run Faster' are elec­tron­ic­ally assisted, which is not my pref­er­ence, but they are so faint that they do not detract from the music or appear irrit­at­ing. You should abso­lutely listen to 'Gleaming' if you appre­ci­ate dark wave or cold wave music. Their sound is com­par­able to 'Sextile' and 'Veil Of Light'.

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Gleaming about 'Run Faster'

The first single, “Run Faster” touches on this in the most lit­er­al sense with lines such as “the phone, the ego, the friends, the future, the body I’m in – all telling me to run”. The second single, “The Ashes”, fur­ther alludes to the former self with, “No, Master you are blinded. It’s only you to play the fool”. and “I hope you’re burn­ing. I’ll watch you turn into ashes”. 

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