Bel Epoq - Never Enough
Alright, strap yourselves in for some high-energy nostalgia, because Bel Epoq's new synth pop banger 'Never Enough' is a wild ride.
Bel Epoq - Rain in July
"Bel Epoq" from Germany presents "Rain in July", a cap­tiv­at­ing synth-pop song with a touch of syn­thwave. The song's intro...
Biflex - Downshifter
The Russian band 'Biflex' (Бифлекс) comes here with a great uptempo synth pop track called 'Downshifter' (Дауншифтер).
Blackbook - Normal
"Normal" by Blackbook - A dark anthem for outsiders. Synth pop and dark wave merge into a thought-provoking masterpiece.
Blondfire - Foolish
"Foolish" by Blondfire: An energetic dark pop song with a 70s vibe and dreamy vocals, ideal for daydreaming.