Red Cell – Good Morning, Good Light

Red Cell - Good Morning, Good Light (Radio Edit)A bit softer and with glory the song 'Good Morning, Good Light (Radio Edit)' by the Swedish band 'Red Cell' has arrived. The song is taken from the self-titled album 'Red Cell'. I have to admit that the song 'Good Morning, Good Light' starts a bit cheesy, but when the real synths at 00:16min kick in this this synth pop song will elec­tri­fy you. And it is quite as catchy as the single 'Only Night'.

With the second single really catch­ing my atten­tion and the ingeni­ous cov­er art­work concept, I'm already eagerly await­ing the album. However, I also hope that my expect­a­tions are not too high, because he who flies high can fall low. But I pray that this qual­ity can be main­tained at album length. But guys: No pres­sure, okay!

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Red Cell about 'Good Morning, Good Light'

Swedish synthpop/new wave duo Red Cell fol­low up their first single "Only Night" with the new track "Good Morning, Good Light". Equal parts A‑ha, New Order, Erasure and Depeche Mode, but undeni­ably "Red Cell". Taken from their upcom­ing fourth full-length album. We're look­ing for a premiere part­ner for its September 2 release. Enjoy! :)

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