Red Cell – Good Morning, Good Light

Red Cell - Good Morning, Good Light (Radio Edit)A bit softer and with glory the song 'Good Morning, Good Light (Radio Edit)' by the Swedish band 'Red Cell' has arrived. I have to admit that the song 'Good Morning, Good Light' starts a bit cheesy, but when the real synths at 00:16min kick in this this synth pop song will elec­tri­fy you. And it is quite as catchy as the single 'Only Night'.

With the second single really catch­ing my atten­tion and the ingeni­ous cov­er art­work concept, I'm already eagerly await­ing the album. However, I also hope that my expect­a­tions are not too high, because he who flies high can fall low. But I pray that this qual­ity can be main­tained at album length. But guys: No pres­sure, okay!

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Red Cell about 'Good Morning, Good Light'

Swedish synthpop/new wave duo Red Cell fol­low up their first single "Only Night" with the new track "Good Morning, Good Light". Equal parts A‑ha, New Order, Erasure and Depeche Mode, but undeni­ably "Red Cell". Taken from their upcom­ing fourth full-length album. We're look­ing for a premiere part­ner for its September 2 release. Enjoy! :)