Seadrake – Asche (Feat. Dorian E) (Ascii.Disko Cover)

Seadrake - Asche (Feat. Dorian E) (Ascii.Disko Cover)I have to admit that I don't know the ori­gin­al song 'Asche' by Ascii.Disko at all and of course I imme­di­ately edu­cated myself music­ally. The ori­gin­al has a nice dull thump and EBM-heavy beat. The Ascii.Disko cov­er ver­sion of 'Asche' by Seadrake fea­tur­ing Dorian E. is very well done and gives the song a fant­ast­ic new twist. Both ver­sions work well on the dance floor of your favour­ite disco.

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Lyrics of 'Seadrake – Asche (Feat. Dorian E) (Ascii.Disko Cover)'

Es muss alles raus
Aus mir…raus
Aus meinem Kopf raus

Lass alles raus
Es muss raus
Alles verbrennen

Es muss alles raus
Aus uns…raus
Aus dem Kopf raus

Alles ver­brennen
Bis wir brennen
Wir verbrennen!

Bis wir brennen
Bis wir brennen
Bis wir brennen
Wir verbrennen


Official lyric music video 'Seadrake – Asche (Feat. Dorian E) (Ascii.Disko Cover)'

Seadrake about 'Asche (Feat. Dorian E) (Ascii.Disko Cover)'

Seadrake’s new single Asche star­ted out as a remix for the Spanish elec­tro techno act ASCII.DISCO, but got its own life when Berlin sing­er Dorian E put her vocals in the mix. Asche is a pulsat­ing elec­tron­ic synth anthem aimed for clubs and dark rooms.

Singer Dorian E: The con­tra­dic­tion between the hedon­ist­ic, propuls­ive beat and the gloomy end-of-time mood in Asche is irresistible.

Keyboardist Mathias Thürk: When we star­ted work­ing on Asche we nev­er thought it would be released as a stand alone single. But the feed­back from our tour has been over­whelm­ing, so we thought why not.

Bassist Rickard Gunnarsson: Seadrake is a European state of syn­thes­ized sin, and Asche is aimed for elec­tron­ic pleas­ure. Enjoy!

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